Players Demand Changes to the "Best" Warzone Feature

Players Demand Changes to the “Best” Warzone Feature

Players Demand Changes to the “Best” Warzone Feature

Raven Software frequently makes changes to Warzone in order to provide a smooth experience for players when they drop into a battle royale. Despite Raven Software’s best efforts, many members of the community criticize the developer for numerous issues that affect the game.

Players have discovered free Warzone Hacks that are responsible for the sudden increase in cheaters ruining matches as a result of the Season 4 Update.

Raven Software is being asked by others to make subtle changes to what has become a “best” part of battle royale.

Players Demand Adjustments to Warzone-Death Comms

Death comms allow players to hear their targets’ frustrations for a few seconds before leaving the game or heading to the Gulag. You will often experience a variety of emotions.

Reddit user “Justice171,” says Warzone death comms is one of the “best parts of the game.” They claim it’s very entertaining to hear their final words.

Instead of one player hearing the enemy’s final farewell, the player suggests Raven Software should allow Death Comms to be heard by the entire squad for an “increase in enjoyment”.

Many players who comment are enthusiastic about this change are among the many. Many people think it would make the game more enjoyable. One fan suggested that players who score an assist on the kill should hear the voice message.

Others recommend an increase in death comms length to facilitate communication between players. Raven Software is not likely to listen to players who have clearly requested that the feature be improved. Season 5 may contain some changes, but we’ll have to wait and watch.

Players Demand Changes to the “Best” Warzone Feature
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