Platinum Games Opens New Studio to Make Live Service Titles

The name Platinum Games brings something unique to mind, or more correctly, several quite specific games. Fans of the development company’s job have been eagerly anticipating the big announcements Platinum Games stated were coming from 2020, and the third of them just fell in an expectation defying way.

Platinum Games’ big announcements that are teased have a number, which number is , with the previous two. The first was of the company’s next big match, currently branded Job G.G. and said to be their second”hero” match . The announcement, which fell now, may end up being the largest of these, and it doesn’t cover a game at all. The statement announced that Platinum Games will be creating a new studio that will develop live-service, or as the meeting called these,”live-ops” games. These, as with other live-service games, will be designed to have upgrades and additional content added on after the initial release of the game.

While the fact that the studio will develop live-service games is certain in the announcement, the exact kind of games is not specified, nor exactly why Platinum Games is branching out this way. Live-service games cover a wide variety of genres and platforms, from big budget, ambitious titles to small, free-to-play mobile games, and it is not known where Platinum Games’ new studio will fall on this spectrum. Some have speculated that the investment Platinum received from the Chinese based Tencent Holdings Ltd. may have something to do with this new direction, as Tencent is already involved with several other companies that manage live-service games.


The response from players has not been positive, which is hardly surprising considering the current environment of the gaming market and Platinum Games’ track record for excellent self-contained games. The best Platinum Games titles are some of the premiere action games available today, and fans are worried to see that kind of quality put on the back-burner.

The good news is that Platinum seems to be moving ahead with the titles that have made it a household name in addition to the whatever this new studio will turn out to be. The most recent announcement for Bayonetta 3 indicated development was going smoothly, and The Wonderful 101 Remastered‘s Kickstarter has received a ton of funding, leaving it primed for success. Fans of Platinum can only hope that its future will continue to shine, whether in spite of, or, hopefully, because of this new live-service studio.

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