Philips unveils two new Momentum gaming monitors "designed for Xbox" (329M1RV and 279M1RV).

Philips unveils two new Momentum gaming monitors “designed for Xbox” (329M1RV and 279M1RV).

Philips unveils two new Momentum gaming monitors “designed for Xbox” (329M1RV and 279M1RV).

Philips just announced two new gaming monitors, the 329M1RV as well as the 279M1RV. This expands on the company’s ‘designed for Xbox’ Momentum line. These new panels will be compatible with the next-generation console-friendly HDMI 2.0 specification and will retail at PS899 or PS719, respectively.

Momentum’s series was launched in June 2021, with the arrival of its 559M1RYV – a 55-inch 4K 120Hz display that looked more like a TV than a standard gaming monitor. The brand’s gaming series has not been mentioned much since.

The company’s 279M1RV and 329M1RV were officially revealed to the public today. Momentum’s new variants of the 32″ and 27″ versions will allow them to expand their user base, catering to both PC and console gamers. It will be interesting to compare these two models against similar products due to their competitive launch prices.

Philips’ new Momentum gaming consoles offer 4K @120Hz gameplay with 27”/32″  ‘versions.

Although the new monitors have similar specifications in raw, prices and sizes can vary. Both panels will have a maximum resolution of 4K, HDMI 2.1 support, and a 120Hz refresh rate. HDR support is also available.

There are differences. The 27′” variant will have VESA DisplayHDR 600 certification. In contrast, the 32’s will only have HDR 400. This is a significant difference in peak brightness, with the 27″ variant outperforming the 32″ variant significantly. The 27″ variant will also come with NANO IPS technology which ensures excellent color accuracy right out of the box. Although we are unsure if the panels will be pre-calibrated, excellent color accuracy is possible with 98% DCI–P3 coverage.

Both panels will have inputs that support HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort, and USB Type C. Both monitors will be compatible with G-Sync, which allows the panel to match its framerate output to the refresh rate. The stands are fully ergonomic and can also provide tilt, height, and swivel functionality. The panel’s rear has cable management and Philips Ambiglow technology.

The Philips 329M1RV, 279M1RV, and 279M1RV will be available at PS719 and HTML899, respectively, which is quite a bargain compared to comparable alternatives.

Philips unveils two new Momentum gaming monitors “designed for Xbox” (329M1RV and 279M1RV).
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