PERSONA 5 STRIKERS PC Game Download For Free

PERSONA 5 STRIKERS PC Game Download For Free

PERSONA 5 STRIKERS PC Game Download For Free


Persona 5 Strikers is free to download, join the Phantom Thieves, and fight corruption in Japan. Summer vacation with friends suddenly turns into a nightmare. Reveal the truth and save the hearts of those who are held at the heart of the crisis! 29

Persona 5 Strikers Install-Game:

Persona 5 Strikers is a prosperous story campaign with thrilling combat. It’s a truly Persona experience. You will visit 6 cities in Japan and cook delicious regional dishes. Next, you will need to fight the Shadows to expose the corruption in the Metaverse dungeons. You can jump into the story, whether you’re a newbie or an old fan. The hybrid battle system combines action-combat and pause-and plan sequences to help you decide your next strategic move. You can gain an advantage over your opponents by ambushing them and striking their elemental weaknesses to knock them down. The final blow is dealt with an All-Out Attack. All Phantom Thieves can be played, so use each character’s skills and summon their Personas to have smooth, elegant combat. You can improve their skills and abilities and fight in your way. Each character comes with their own set of flashy, wide-ranging spells and magic that can be used to eliminate large hordes. Ever wanted to be a giant bus driver? Look no further. Persona 5 Strikers is the perfect choice for you. Persona 4 Golden

Persona 5 Strikers PC Download Free:

The Phantom Thieves were looking for rest, so they set off on their road trip. However, a determined Kyoto detective asks them to help him investigate a series of strange cases occurring in Japan. Otherwise, he will arrest Joker. They uncover another dimension where innocent people are being held prisoner and made to give up their desires for the ruler’s will. They’ll use every tool at their disposal to free the imprisoned and return their hearts to fight corruption in the most exciting fight yet, according to Phantom Thieves.

  1. Persona 5 Strikers is now available on PC in FullHD. Supports up to 4K
  2. Steam Achievements and Trading Card
  3. You can choose between Japanese or English Vo
  4. Full keyboard and mouse adaption



  • OS:

    Windows 8.1 / 10, 64bits


    Intel Core i5

  • RAM:

    8 GB


    25 GB


    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680


PERSONA 5 STRIKERS PC Game Download For Free



PERSONA 5 STRIKERS PC Game Download For Free
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