Nintendo Unveils New Movie Studio, ‘Nintendo Pictures’

Nintendo Unveils New Movie Studio, ‘Nintendo Pictures’

Clearly, we were at the edge of change in big-screen adaptations of video games. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was the most successful video game adaptation. Everything we see from HBO’s take on The Last of Us is auspicious.

We went back to the basics this week when Netflix dropped Resident Evil. It’s fair to say it hasn’t gone down very well. We need to keep our heads up with so many adaptations on the horizon. Nintendo has unveiled a new movie studio.

Nintendo has officially revealed their new film studio, following in the footsteps of PlayStation. Japanese gaming giant Nintendo is acquiring Dynamo Pictures, motion capture and CG animation studio. It plans to rebrand it as Nintendo Pictures.

Nintendo is currently adapting Super Mario Bros with Chris Pratt as the lead. The rumoured plot sounds wild, which I think is excellent considering the cursed casting. Although this film was made in partnership with Illumination Entertainment, it seems that Nintendo may desire more autonomy moving forward.

Dynamo Pictures, a Tokyo-based motion capture studio, has provided motion capture services for many gaming projects, including Persona and Dead Stranding. They animated Studio Ghibli’s Earwig and the Witch.

Nintendo will complete the buyout by October 3. It’s reasonable to expect a lot of Nintendo IPs to be given the big screen treatment over the following years. They also have plenty of franchises that they can play with. I could envision The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing suited for animated films. This is excellent stuff.

Nintendo Unveils New Movie Studio, ‘Nintendo Pictures’
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