New World Hemp and Fiber Locations: How to Find Them

New World Hemp and Fiber Locations: How to Find Them

There are many things to craft in New World. If you intend to use the Loom often, you will need to locate Fiber and Hemp locations. These plants and resources are important for early game crafting. You’ll need to ensure you have good boots for exploring when you go to find them.

The fiber in New World is made from Hemp plants. These can be found in many places around the globe. To harvest them, you must first craft and equip the right tool, which in this instance is the Sickle.

Once you have done this, you can start looking for Hemp or Fiber locations in Forest and Grassland areas on New World’s maps. The Resource Locations button at the left of the screen will bring up a legend. Zooming in on it will reveal that the former is dark green with drawings of small trees.

These are usually painted in a lighter shade (or darker) of green with stylized grass drawn on. You will eventually find Hemp areas by roaming through these regions. These plants are tall and easily identified by their purple caps. It is easy to harvest them by pressing the E key on the Sickle equipped. Once the animation has finished, Fiber will be produced.

You can find Hemp and Fiber locations in New World by opening up the map. As you move around, look out for Forest and Grassland areas. You may be unable to locate the plants because other players may have harvested them. In this case, you might want to change your location.

Keep them waiting until they respawn.

New World Hemp and Fiber Locations: How to Find Them
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