New World countdown: When will New World go live

New World countdown: When will New World go live

New World countdown: When will New World go live

Amazon Games Studio has revealed the date when the New World servers will go live. This confirms that New World will be released on September 28th. Players can now enter Aeternum to play one of the most anticipated MMOs, without any delays or restrictions.

New World countdown

Amazon Games has published a blog titled “New World countdown” to help you figure out when it will go live. Because most games use synchronised global launches, the New Worlds servers are available at different times around the globe. Below is the New World countdown.

  • EU Servers – 08:00 CEST
  • South America Servers – 08:00 BRT
  • US East – 08:00 ET
  • US West – 08:00 PM PT
  • Australia – 21:00 AEST

It seems that all regions have a decent launch time except for Australia which is in the late afternoon local time. While it’s okay if you are in Perth, but not great for Australian MMO lovers.

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Amazon Games claims that the Australian launch will take place at the same time as the Brazilian servers go live. This means that Europe is the first to gain access to New World. So go us Europeans, I guess. The official New World countdown article by Amazon can be found on the website.

Official New World launch time is now.Amazon Game announced that pre-orders for New World will allow you to download it starting September 27. This will allow you to download New World and be ready for the New World countdown.

New World Twitch Vinespun weapon skins

Launch of the New World Vinespun weapon skinline Image via Amazon Games.

You can tune in to Twitch streams to see any New World streamer and earn an exclusive launch skinline when New World goes live. Amazon Games offers Vinespun weapons skin sets to players who tune into the game. Each weapon comes with a skin that is brightly colored in a bright, pink, green, and purple color scheme.

These are the same 66 Twitch Streamers who participated in the Battle for New World promotion during the Closed Beta. These streamers include Naguura and Syndicate as well as Josh OG and many others.

New World Prime Gaming Rewards

Amazon Games also revealed that New World will be appearing frequently as part of their Prime Gaming rewards. Every month you will find new World content, with the first New World Prime Gaming content drop being an exclusive pirate-themed skinline.

The New World countdown wait will be over and the first Pirate pack will be available. The second Pirate pack will be available on October 12. The first pirate pack includes 5,000 Marks of Fortune which is the premium currency for New World’s cosmetic cash shop. Both pirate packs are available until November 1.

This is it. All the information you need about when New World goes live. We hope that you enjoy the countdown to New World as well as the post-launch events. New Worlds full release will be September 28.

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