Naughty Dog’s Next Release Teased as Motion Capture Is Being Filmed

Naughty Dog’s Next Release Teased as Motion Capture Is Being Filmed

Naughty Dog’s Next Release Teased as Motion Capture Is Being Filmed

Two reasons game releases are so great: You get a new and exciting gaming experience. This September, we’ve had some great games, including Deathloop, Life is Strange True Colors and WarioWare – Get It Together! A second reason I enjoy a videogame release is the possibility of speculation on what will happen next. I am particularly interested in Naughty Dog.

Naughty Dog’s most recent release was The Last of Us Part II. Regardless of whether you liked it or not, it allows the studio to move on to other projects. Thanks to a post by one of the studio’s designers, we now know that the team is at the motion capture stage of something they plan to release.

Marianne Hayden, a senior cinematic animator at Naughty dog, posted a photo of herself and her team in the motion capture lab on Twitter. It was captioned: “Always nice being back on the stage!” #mocap tags Naughty Dog as well as Mark Musashi. Musashi worked as a stuntman with Naughty dog on The Last of Us.

What does this leave us with? This motion capture could be for the long-awaited The Last of Us 2 multiplayer game. Although it wasn’t released on time, Naughty Dog seems to have remained on track to release a multiplayer title for the game or DLC. It could be motion capture for another purpose, but we have not heard any solid rumors about anything else from Naughty Dog.

We know that the team is capturing performances by talented individuals once more, and we are excited to see how it’s used.

Studio Naughty Dog, “The Last Of Us” is Hiring for a Multiplayer Game

Naughty Dog has hired new staff to develop a multiplayer mode. This may be the multiplayer mode that NaughtyDo will use for its 2020 hit, Part II. It is likely. According to reports from VGC and GameSpot, this is the case.

Santa Monica’s first-party Sony studio is seeking an economy designer to design a game with player progression mechanics. The advertisement states that the ideal applicant will create avenues for players to express themselves – such as how their avatar appears on the game’s screen – and ensure that the game is long-lasting and offers players great rewards.

We are yet to see what the multiplayer aspect of The Last of Us Part II looks like. It could be that this role is focused either on delivering those targets or contributing to a new project. We are pretty certain there is something new at Naughty dog. It will be aimed at the PlayStation 5. There have been some industry rumors about a sci-fi-themed game. Assuming TLOU doesn’t seem sci-fi (which is kind of is). We haven’t yet seen anything concrete.

GameSpot digs deeper into the job ad and reveals that the ideal candidate will have experience in “developing in-game economies for PC multiplayer games” It’s unlikely that anything The Last of Us-related will be made available to PC users, so don’t get too excited about the PC part of this.

Unless… Unless… It’s best not to rule out anything in this industry. Let’s say that it’s extremely unlikely, and we can move on.

In-game economies systems must “synergize well” with the game’s overall system – which is what every developer wants to see. There’s nothing worse than currency-based upgrades and progression mechanics that don’t fit the world you live in. They snap you out of the immersion and make it clear that there are zeroes below the screen. You will be able to dress Ellie or Joel to suit your mood, but not in a way that makes them TLOU-ish. You probably won’t wear unicorn hats.

Similar news: HBO’s TV adaptation of The Last of Us continues. Pedro Pascal is playing Joel. Fans have already put Bella Ramsey and the actor into the original game with stunning results.

Naughty Dog confirms it won’t abandon single-player story-driven games.

In the past ten years, games as a service have been a major attraction for some publishers and developers. It’s a great way of making money online if you can add and remove content throughout years of development. Your profits will soar if you can get players paying 15 pounds per month for at least a few years. This leaves single-player, one-time payments games in a bit of a hole. Naughty Dog is the most well-known developer for this type of game. However, Naughty Dog has stated that it will not abandon single-player story-driven games.

In an interview with Game Informer, Naughty Dog residents Evan Wells & Neil Druckmann spoke about the past and future holds for the studio. They are also asked about how other gaming companies have moved away from single-player, story-driven games and whether Naughty Dog is still their specialty.

Evan Wells says: “Absolutely. Yes, it is in our DNA to tell such stories. That’s what I believe will continue. We are very fond of single-player experiences. This is what attracted many people to Naughty Dog. It’s also what keeps them motivated.

Druckmann adds: “And again, going back to Sony, there has never been any mandate like “Oh, these are where we see the winds shifting.” Could you instead make these kinds of games? We know, just like they do, that great work comes from working on something you love, something you are passionate about.

This seems quite conclusive. So long as Naughty Dog continues to make single-player games on Sony, it will continue. However, Part Two is out now, and Nathan Drake’s story is over, so it begs the question of what single-player stories developers will tell next.

Naughty Dog Teases and Big The Last Of Us News This Weekend

Naughty Dog, the developer, has confirmed that it will be changing The Last Of Us Day’s name from Outbreak Day into The Last Of Us Day. However, there are many exciting things still to come.

Fans of the post-apocalyptic franchise know that September 26th marks the anniversary of the fictional outbreak in-game that turned the world into an infected land full of killer mushrooms people. Naughty Dog thought it was unappetizing to celebrate Outbreak Day 2020, so he changed the name.

Naughty Dog teased what we can look forward to as we await the improved The Last Of Us Day on September 26th. Naughty Dog shared a tweet (which can be seen below) explaining its reasons for the name change and promising that it has “lots of exciting things” to share.

The statement states that for the past seven years, September 26th has been our chance to celebrate and recognize the passion of The Last of Us community. We couldn’t bear to continue the ‘Outbreak Day” banner after reflecting on the past year and the ongoing challenges with COVID-19. Although the date and name are rooted in fiction, September 26th is much more than mere lore. It’s about showing appreciation to our fans.

“That’s why this Saturday, and moving forward, September 26th, will be known as The Last of Us Day. A name that not only acknowledges our world but also reflects our growth as we welcome millions of players to The Last of Us Part II. We have many exciting things in store and can’t wait for you to see them.

Naughty Dog’s Next Release Teased as Motion Capture Is Being Filmed
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