Mojang Studios, Minecraft Developer, Will Not Allow NFTs in Game

Mojang Studios, Minecraft Developer, Will Not Allow NFTs in Game

Mojang Studios, Minecraft Developer, Will Not Allow NFTs in Game

The ever-popular Minecraft has hosted many interesting and bizarre things over the years. These include a massive model of the Titanic and futuristic cricket stadiums.

According to Mojang Studios’ latest statement, NFTs will not be hosted in the game’s near future.

Mojang shares its opinion on the controversial technology strategy. A blog post. Mojang explains why it doesn’t want NFTs to be a part of the game.

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Mojang starts the post by citing community feedback to clarify its rules regarding the technology. Then, Mojang goes on to declare unambiguously: “Integrations of NFTs into Minecraft are generally not something that we will support or permit.”

Mojang explains what an NFT is in the post. He emphasizes that “NFTs” and “blockchain” have been associated with speculation. Prices are driven up quickly and can fall rapidly, as we’ve seen recently.

The developer then discusses his policy on NFTs. It explains that “models of scarcity or exclusion” often associated with the technology may be contrary to the idea that Minecraft should be “a community where everyone has equal access to the same content.”

The developer elaborated further: “Speculative pricing and investment mentality surrounding NFTs distracts from the game and encourages profiteering. This is contrary to the long-term joy of our players.”

Mojang also expressed concern about the third-party nature of many NFT initiatives. He stated: “We are also worried that some third-party NFTs might not be reliable and could end up costing players. Third-party NFT implementations may also be dependent on blockchain technology. They could require an asset manager, who might disappear without notice.

These initiatives are not allowed in Minecraft at the moment, but Mojang has pledged to monitor the technology moving forwards to determine if it can be adapted to Minecraft’s needs.

ResetEra users mostly responded positively to the news, with the ghost crew saying that “I believe this is a strong statement and hopefully paves the way for others to have 100% clearer feelings and intentions around NFTs within their titles” and Shairi adding, “Great news!” Bravo, Mojang!

Others shared an announcement by NFT Worlds, an existing Minecraft NFT initiative. The creators are seeking clarification as to whether they will be permitted to continue their work in Minecraft or if they will have to abandon it for their own Minecraft-inspired game.

DNAbro, a ResetEra user, responded to this revelation by saying, “Oh, that’s just yummy!”

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Mojang Studios, Minecraft Developer, Will Not Allow NFTs in Game
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