Modern Warfare 2 could get steam workshop support

Modern Warfare 2 could get steam workshop support

Modern Warfare 2 could get steam workshop support.

Many players are excited to see the shooter franchise return to Steam, shifting the focus to Modern Warfare 2.

Infinity Ward is still waiting to share information about the single-player campaign and what multiplayer offers. Still, returning to Steam is an excellent prospect for those who love creating custom content.

Rumors point to Modern Warfare 2 having a dedicated map editor. However, some players believe they can use Steam Workshop to create custom game modes beyond Team Deathmatch or Domination.

Modern Warfare 2 Will Use Steam Workshop?

Steam Workshop often hosts a variety of community creations in other games. Call of Duty does not often contain custom content, but there is the possibility of no game being released in 2023. This makes it a smart move to use the Steam Workshop to extend Modern Warfare 2’s cycle.

Reddit user “AnotherGibaway” received a Steam notification saying, “Workshop items posted this Week.”

The user states that the notification is only visible for titles receiving Workshop support.

Mods can often breathe new life into a game and allow players to express their creativity. There’s a good chance that Modern Warfare 2 will use the Steam Workshop to bring many new game modes to be multiplayer.

Is it possible to create Modern Warfare 2 zombies? We’ll have to wait and watch. The Steam Workshop integration with Infinity Ward’s latest title is speculation at the moment, but it could be a way for players to have fun.

Modern Warfare 2 could get steam workshop support
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