Mixed First Impressions on Dr Disrespect's Game "Deadrop"

Mixed First Impressions on Dr Disrespect’s Game “Deadrop”

Mixed First Impressions on Dr. Disrespect’s Game “Dewdrop”

If you didn’t know, Herschel “Dr. Disrespect” Beahm is not only a well-known (and controversial) streamer but also co-founded a new game studio called Midnight Society.

The studio has been hard at work creating the “best competitive PVP experience”, which is a “vertical extract shooter (VES),” for a new era of competitive multiplayer. We won’t be able to comment on the fate of the second “D” in this name, but we will.

However, Dewdrop gameplay clips were made available online by early supporters who had access to a demo. People have been vocal in their opinions. Since Dr. Disrespect claimed that the Call of Duty reveal trailer for Modern Warfare II didn’t match any screenshots from his game, the whole game was already in trouble. How does it compare?

@JGODYT wrote, “Funny reading comments regarding the # DEADROP video game from the doc” Although the game is not as polished as the MW2 [footage] that we’ve seen so far, it is still light years ahead of what people expected. It’s still a win for the doc, as everyone is talking about it. It is also crazy to compare games that are coming out in months with ones that will take years.

Dewdrop is currently unavailable. It could still be quite a while before it becomes available. However, Modern Warfare II will be released on 28 October.

Mixed First Impressions on Dr Disrespect’s Game “Deadrop”
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