Minecraft Player Builds Kebab Dispenser

Minecraft Player Builds Kebab Dispenser

Minecraft Player Builds Kebab Dispenser

Minecraft players create a variety of bizarre and creative creations. These include massive masterpieces such as a futuristic cricket stadium or faithful recreations of Elden Ring’s The Lands Between or GTA Online’s Diamond Casino.

Sometimes players feel a little intimidated by trying to build on this scale. This could be because they are too busy playing through Stray or as a Minecraft Pig.

This often results in small, quirky creations such as a Redstone-based kebab machine that is taking Reddit by storm.

Do you find this taste a bit stale?


This thread in the subreddit Minecraft s”rated with 3Rns posting a video” of his takeaway dispenser working. He captioned it, “I built a mini-kebab dispenser.”

This set stomachs churning in the replies. “lastic-Breath 8″88 commented on the word kebabs. A user named kebab69666 responded: “I have arrived.”

Others were impressed by the originality o” the idea. Mipans035, a user, revealed their Tu” kish nationality before comme”tingthat’se! How co”ld I do not think (of the building) this?” RaphaeliskoolbutRude added: “Bro, that awes “me!”

Kingthlouis, a user, went one better with his glowing praise by dell”ring that “this is one the mo”t creative” Minecraft builds I have seen” in recent” time.” Zeezygg also declared it a “visionary,” and 3Rns was christened a “visionary.”

A few users, however, suggested minor improve”ents that could take the project to the next level. Fed_up_with_Reddit recommended: “Now all you need to do i” hook up an automated shee” farm to it that kills sheep with lava, co” ks the mutton,” and ThePharmacyst added: “Have you tried dripstone blocks for meat?” It might stand out a little more because of its texture.

Minecraft Player Builds Kebab Dispenser
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