Libra of the Vampire Princess IOS/APK Download
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Libra of the Vampire Princess IOS/APK Download

Libra of the Vampire Princess IOS/APK Download

Libra for the Vampire Princess Game 2017 Overview

The game’s transition from “bald dwarfs to “beautiful prey”, from “curse to immortality” to “blessings with immortality”, is a delight for those who are looking for their waifu or just love “visualized books”.

Graphics and sound: The graphics are well-drawn, with juicy CGs, a nice rose-vampire style with a touch Gothic, and even simple effects for battle scenes. You can enjoy light rock, “every day” motives, and “vampire noblesse”. The seiyuu’s voice acting is excellently chosen. They tried to convey the emotions of the scenes and created “colourful clichés” of characters which, combined with the visual design, make a pleasant impression.

Gameplay and plot: When you reach this stage of the visual novel review, it is time to ask yourself the question, “What to write?” Vika is electoral with branches (or not so), routes… or the lack thereof. This means we have a kinetic choice, which fully describes the product currently being monitored. Libra of the Vampire Princess can be described as a kinetic novel since the only route available does not allow for weather. We only see what is happening and don’t read into the evolution of events.

The plot tells about the next OYASH. But it isn’t quite normal because there is the blood of an ancestor of the ancient vampire clan. Because he has been raised as a person, the boy is unhappy about the “gift of destiny”. The local chan knows where to press the main character so that the bloodsucker awakens in him. It is unnecessary to tell more.

The Libra of the Vampire Princess features:

  • This is 95% of kinetics. This leaves you with one option: choose root.
  • This story takes more than 50 hours to complete.
  • It seems like the setting and idea are good.


Libra of the Vampire Princess IOS/APK Download



Libra of the Vampire Princess IOS/APK Download
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