*LATEST* Season 7 of COD Mobile - Release Date Prediction & Everything You Need to Know

*LATEST* Season 7 of COD Mobile – Release Date Prediction & Everything You Need to Know

*LATEST* Season 7 of COD Mobile – Release Date Prediction & Everything You Need to Know

COD Mobile Season 6 currently offers some new weapons and the introduction of the latest Favela’ map – which is set in the streets of Brazil.

The current season will continue for approximately a month. However, many fans ask when the COD Mobile 7 season will be released.

The “Elite of the Elite” chapter of the COD Mobile saga will be the latest and most important. It will see the emergence of global warfare.

Activision recently announced that COD Mobile season 7 would be available on Wednesday, August 25th, at 5 PM PT/8 PM ET/ Thursday, August 26th, at 1 AM BST.

The patch could be available around one day before Season 7’s launch– accessible through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

UPDATED Mobile season 7 will be called COD Mobile season 7: New Vision City. Even the patch notes are available!

COD Mobile Season 7 Patch Notes

The New Vision City features:

  • New Vision City is a high-tech city that was built in Isolated. It now faces a Sustainable War threat. At the request of Public Security Section 9, come and take on post-humans!
  • Ranked Match Updates: Ranked Rewards are now better than ever. We also made improvements to the Ranked experience.
  • Switchblade X9: High-tech SMG capable of displaying its full potential in close-quarters combat!
  • To provide soldiers with more options, the passive skills of BR Classes were updated.

Ranked Match Update

A New Theme and Reward

  • There are new Ranked Match Rewards.

New Features

  • Grand Master Bonus
  • Players who reach Grand Master III in either BR/MP will be awarded an XP bonus in any lower Ranked MP or BR before they can level up to Grand Master.

Daily First Winner

  • The player will be awarded Rank XP if they win the first game in specific modes.
  • Daily refreshes at midnight for modes with a first-win bonus.

Multi-Select Bonus

  • Ranked Matches can be completed in different modes to earn players an additional Rank XP bonus.

Map Pool Update in Ranked mode

Season 7 will see the Ranked Mode map pool split into the Generic Map Pool (and the Seasonal New Map Pool). Players who are Pro-ranked or higher can randomly choose maps from either of the map pools. Players below Pro cannot select maps from the generic collection.

  • Generic Map Pool: A collection of maps that offer stable player experience and balanced performance. It is accessible to all ranks.
  • Seasonal New Map Pool: Contains new and improved maps available to players with the Pro rank or higher.

New Map Ranked Security

  • The new map challenge will protect players who are randomly queued in a new pool of maps and lose the ranked match. The losing team will receive Rank XP bonuses.

Other Optimization

  • It was adjusted the weighting of the performance score and results score.
  • To increase performance points and decrease result points, the settlement of Rank XP was modified.

Optimized match experience for team-ups.

  • We have increased the number of matches ranked by a team and reduced the time it takes to get in the game.

Ranked Optimization Match Balance

  • Legendary Rank players will not be able to join a match against Master Rank players in the single ranked game.

Ranked Icons

  • We have also added icons for the S1 and 2 rank icons in 2022.

Limited Time Offer for Tournament Seasonal Camos

  • Tournament Seasonal Camo Crates (Selectable) from previous Seasons are now available for a short time in the Tournament Milestone. Tournament Seasonal Camos can be selected by players from last season.
*LATEST* Season 7 of COD Mobile – Release Date Prediction & Everything You Need to Know
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