Kynseed Full Version Mobile Game
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Kynseed Full Version Mobile Game

Kynseed Full Version Mobile Game

Kynseed Game 2018 Overview

You can take control of the mysterious Kynseed to grow your family’s legacy through generations.

Kynseed is an RPG that simulates a sandbox lifestyle. Lionhead Studios’ developers developed it. You can live your life in a unique world, where everyone ages and dies. Kynseed allows you to live your life in a 2D open world that has been lovingly created.

You can’t help but want to know more about their characters and the lore.

ABOUT PIXEL COUNT StuiOS: A team of three little pigs, Neal, Charlie, and Matt, builds a brick house for the wolf to escape. We have over 30 years of experience in developing the Fable series and its community. We hope to bring the same charm, humor, and eccentricity to our games as Lionhead’s.

Features of Kynseed

  • Establish relationships with NPCs who live their own lives and will remember your actions and jokes!
  • Find proverbs to unlock the mysteries of this dark and mysterious fairy tale world.
  • You can create items or craft beer with the materials you have. Or mix remedies for all sorts of strange maladies.
  • Purchase strange artifacts from Mr. Fairweather. These items can help with your chores, aid you in combat or let you have fun.


Kynseed Full Version Mobile Game



Kynseed Full Version Mobile Game
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