Kowloon Nights Funds 23 Upcoming Indie Games
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Kowloon Nights Funds 23 Upcoming Indie Games

Kowloon Nights Funds 23 Upcoming Indie Games

Kowloon Nights, an investment fund dedicated to supporting indie Projects, has declared 23 more forthcoming games to be contained in its lineup, including several names currently in development and other unnamed names from recognizable studios, such as Oxenfree’s Night School Studio.

In 2018, a little new organization named Named Kowloon Nights declared it might use its investment finance to support indie developers across the gambling community, With budgets ranging from $500,000 to $5 million. As many indie games on its roster are lesser understood when compared with their own triple-A opponents, even fewer players have likely heard of Kowloon Nights since it plans to”quietly reevaluate game funds.” Studios that associate with Kowloon remain welcome to self-publish or deliver on a different publication; also, Kowloon stays hands-off through the evolution procedure.

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Now, Kowloon Night has endorsed another 23 jobs, bringing its entire match lineup to 40 with over $100 million in available funds. Some indie games coming have yet to be declared but come in studios with strong track records, including Oxenfree and Afterparty’s Night School Studio. A cute farming sim Called Garden Story has also been added into the listing in Addition to the 90s love letter Sea of Stars and Studio Zevere’s She yells Elsewhere.

“We’re incredibly proud To work with such gifted studios and programmers,” Kowloon Nights countries in its press release. “We believe Kowloon is uniquely positioned to assist developers in pursuing their fantasies while building studios that are sustainable.”

Before Kowloon Nights has financed games such as Thunder Lotus’ Spiritfarer, the highly expected Godfall, and the forthcoming We’re OFK, declared at 2020’s Game awards.


Kowloon Nights Funds 23 Upcoming Indie Games
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