Kickstarter Launches Japanese Folklore-Inspired "The Witcher Ronin"

Kickstarter Launches Japanese Folklore-Inspired “The Witcher Ronin”

Kickstarter Launches Japanese Folklore-Inspired “The Witcher Ronin”

The Witcher: Ronin, an upcoming manga of the world, was written by Andrzej SAPkowski. It is currently soaring to greater heights on Kickstarter and has raised over $100,000 in just hours.

CD Projekt RED describes the role as a professional monster slayer in a world like this. “As dangerous Yokai (Japanese spirits, demons) are always on the prowl,” says the description. It is the official developer of the popular series of games behind this adaptation. Hataya and Rafal Jaki wrote the description.

“I personally love the new monsters and folk tales we can experiment with,” said Jaki in an interview with IGN. “Both Japan and Europe have a unique tradition. Bringing iconic Japanese stories and monsters to a Witcher context was the best thing for me.”

Below is the trailer for The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. This film follows a younger Vesemir who struggles with the trauma of the past and the new threats to the Continent. You can stream it now on Netflix.


Almost 11,000 backers have brought the total funds to a massive $540,000 at the time of writing. However, some fans aren’t so sold on the manga and are confused that CD Projekt has used Kickstarter to cover the cost of the comic. In its latest fiscal report, the company shared that it has earned $95 million in profits from products and that this is a 54% year-on-year increase. Furthermore, CD Projekt is valued at $8.1 billion, making it the most valuable video game company in Europe.

The exclusive hardcover version of the manga is only available through Kickstarter. While the first volume of the story is almost complete, CD Projekt RED would use feedback from fans to “push the quality of a single-volume comic book as far as we possibly can.” That would include inviting guests, artists, and exciting extras that purchasers won’t get anywhere else. Still, fans find the hardcover edition’s price (the lowest tier is $43) to be difficult to swallow.

“I like the idea, I’m not even bothered by the Kickstarter. But €35 for the book, plus €19 – €39 for shipping depending on where outside of Poland, and then custom charges if you are outside of the US, EU, AUS or Japan. Even as a massive Witcher fan, I can’t justify that,” said evonix4 on YouTube.

Kickstarter Launches Japanese Folklore-Inspired “The Witcher Ronin”
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