Khora Prime will be the Next Warframe to join Prime Access

Khora Prime will be the Next Warframe to join Prime Access

Khora Prime will be the Next Warframe to join Prime Access.

Khora Prime Access is already available in Warframe. This will allow you to create your next supercharged character for soaring through the stars. She looked amazing and was inspired by Margulis during TennoCon 2022, even though the lore implications can be a little creepy.

Khora Prime was created by the same arms dealer Ballas. This is the same scientist that narrates all those Prime Warframe trailers. He is a well-known villain, but he has recently taken on the de facto central antagonist role for the game’s past few story updates.

Khora Prime looks very much like Margulis (a.k.a. Margulis). The Lotus, a.k.a. Natah. Sort of. It isn’t elementary. The short version is that Ballas made a war drone to look like his girlfriend. That’s at least what the Khora Prime trailer suggests. He continues to look like a creepy older man!

Khora, however, is a solid and fascinating ‘frame. Venari is her battle-cat companion and can resurrect herself after death. Venari can heal and stun enemies as well as average, deal damage. Despite its storey implications, the gold medal with a purple cloth motif is exceptionally fashionable.

Khora also has a whip as her signature weapon. It can be used to attack enemies or to create snares that limit her environment.

Her ultimate result is “Strangledome”, which features one of my favourite Warframe ability nicknames. This creates a dome of chains that strangle enemies who get too close. Others will fire at the snared targets, ostensibly to kill them as quickly as possible. This combination is excellent for crowd control and works well with her other skills. Khora and Khora Prime can now whip the Strangledome to inflict severe damage on anyone inside.

Khora’s excessive damage is why I ranked her so high on my Warframe Tier list. Players now have a better reason to use Venari and Khora Prime since they are both in the mix.

Without repercussions, they can also “subsume” their weaker, standard Khora into Helminth. This allows players to transfer a Warframe ability onto any character they wish. Khora’s “Ensnare” is a surprise that pulls in more money when it gets close to its target. It’s not all bad.

Khora Prime has information on when players can get the Warframe. If you spend real money, it’ll cost you a lot. Warframe is free to play; the cheapest Prime access pack that nets Khora Prime at USD 79.99 is Prime Access Pack. The deal also includes cosmetics, weapons and a lot of premium currency (Platinum). The exchange rate is better than purchasing Platinum by itself. However, $80 is still a significant investment.

Khora Prime is also available in-game if you don’t wish to take that route. Suppose you are willing to farm for her blueprints. It should take you a little more than three months to make your decision. This is how long the Prime Access window lasts before it’s replaced by a new Warframe. The free blueprints are available in-game for a much longer time.

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Khora Prime will be the Next Warframe to join Prime Access
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