Kero Blaster Full Game Mobile for Free
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Kero Blaster Full Game Mobile for Free

Kero Blaster Full Game Mobile for Free

Kero Blaster Game 2015 Overview:

You can upgrade your weapons and other items with your coins.

Studio Pixel is proud to present Kero Blaster, the latest title by Cave Story’s creator. C&F Inc.’s teleporters have gone offline, and it is up to a brave frog employee to rectify the situation. This 2D side-scrolling action game is packed full of adventure.

Bipedal frog, you are the master of the Custodial Sciences. You have the difficult task of ridding the teleporters in your company of the mysterious black creatures. You will be able to pick up many new tools and fight for your life against various monsters. Two more Steam games featuring Kero Blaster are also available. PINK HOUR, and its sequel, PINK HEAVEN. You can use them to test your Kero Blaster system or for fun!

Kero Blaster comes from the Creator Cave Story but isn’t very Cave Story-like. Although it does have a cute story, the game focuses more on skill and platforming than the story. You don’t have to make any decisions that will affect the game’s progression. You can earn coins that you can spend at shops throughout the levels.

Kero Blaster Features:

  • PINK HOUR – Help a pink-clad lady in the office find a lost document to keep her boss from getting mad. This free minigame is part of Kero Blaster.
  • PINK HEAVEN – A particular office lady is back!
  • Multilanguage support!


Kero Blaster Full Game Mobile for Free



Kero Blaster Full Game Mobile for Free
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