JOB SIMULATOR APK Download Latest Version For Android
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JOB SIMULATOR APK Download Latest Version For Android

JOB SIMULATOR APK Download Latest Version For Android


Job Simulator is a tongue-in-cheek virtual reality experience that’s free to download for HTC Vive or Oculus Rift+ Touch. Step into the “Job Simulator” and experience what it’s like to be a robot working in a world that has automated all human jobs.

Install-Game Job Simulator:

In a job museum, robots simulate real jobs. The faces of the robots resemble floating CRT monitors. These jobs are tongue-in-cheek resemblances of real occupations, including “Auto Mechanic,” Gourmet Chef,” Store Clerk and “Office Worker.”

The computer character provides instructions and exposition while the players do tasks related to their occupation. Some are realistic; others are comical. In the ” office worker” simulation, players are required to evaluate new employees and transfer calls. They also have to share photos at the water fountain and other office tasks. Vintage Story

Get Job Simulator for Free:

  • Give a stapler to your boss!
  • Learn how to “job” in these not-so-historically accurate depictions of work-life before robots.
  • You can stack, manipulate, throw, or smash physics objects with your hands satisfyingly and inexplicably.
  • You will aggressively chug coffee and eat stale food out of the trash.
  • You can track your movements to sub-millimeter accuracy using decades of VR research.
  • Do you have the ability to juggle tomatoes in real life? You can do it in VR! Are you unable to juggle? In VR, there’s no need to clean up!
  • You can gain valuable life experience by firing employees, making slushy treats, drinking English tea and disassembling car engines.
  • Enjoy a VR experience that allows you to vomit only as a gameplay mechanic and not as a side-effect.
  • You can work the night shift all night with Infinite Overtime mode.





JOB SIMULATOR APK Download Latest Version For Android
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