Jagged Alliance 3 aims to revive a tactical classic

Jagged Alliance 3 aims to revive a tactical classic

Jagged Alliance 3 aims to revive a tactical classic

Jagged Alliance has existed in some way or another for 25 years. However, there has never been a third entry to the franchise. Jagged Alliance 2 was launched in 1999. The series has seen numerous standalone expansions and spinoffs. But that third entry to the trilogy has never been made. THQ Nordic has announced Jagged Alliance 3, which will launch sometime in the future.

Haemimont Games is developing a new version of this game. They are industry veterans with 20 years of experience. They have a diverse portfolio that includes Tropico, Surviving Mars, Victor Vran, and Omerta City of Gangsters. THQ representatives revealed that Haemimont considered Jagged Alliance a dream IP and suggested a new game within the series but as a spinoff. THQ Nordic responded with the idea for a complete sequel. The rest is history.

Jagged Alliance is a historical game. There is a strong fan base who want a new game, but they have their expectations. This is something that the publishers and developers are well aware of. The PR team highlighted instances such as Reddit threads on lackluster mercenary portraits and what makes a good Jagged alliance game to show how passionate the fanbase for the series is. These players are meticulous and want to be amazed, so the team is eager to exceed their high expectations.

As a group of mercenaries, players will travel to Grand Chien and complete missions. Your decisions will have long-lasting effects on your playthrough, as your choices will affect the squads that you send to various missions to defend or claim territories. Jagged Alliance 3’s key feature is replayability. With a full online co-op available, it could be worth your time.

The gameplay should be familiar to anyone who has played a tactical game such as XCOM within the last decade. Although it’s odd to make this comparison, Jagged Alliance 3’s interface elements are similar to XCOM’s. Gears Tactical is a great game that uses the same set of tricks.

Jagged Alliance 3 is ahead of the pack in terms of the actual mercenaries. The developers promise plenty more returning and new favorites with their unique personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. You can upgrade and improve each mercenary’s stats by completing missions. Your weak soldier could be a true world conqueror before the game ends.

Jagged Alliance 3 continues to be in heavy development. No release date or platform has been confirmed during the presentation. Although a PC release is likely, it’s too early to consider consoles. Jagged Alliance 3 looks like a great turn-based strategy game and a wonderful addition to an already popular series. Keep an eye out.

Jagged Alliance 3 aims to revive a tactical classic
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