Is Deathloop a cross-play player?

Is Deathloop a cross-play player?

Is Deathloop a cross-play player?

Pioneering FPS game that seamlessly blends single-player with multiplayer. However, the game also has cross-play, allowing players from both PS5 and PC to play together.

Unfortunately, no. Cross-play is not available in Deathloop. Players must only play with their friends on the same platform. Only PC players are allowed to play with other PC players. PS5 players cannot play with PS5 gamers.

This is a big deal for players who are used to cross-play in large-budget multiplayer games. Cross-play is a key component of multiplayer games. However, some players fear that it will reduce the game’s lifespan and make it less popular.

It’s important to remember that Deathloop does not have cross-play at launch. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t. For example, World War Z didn’t have cross-play at launch. It then added cross-play bit by bit until it had parity across all platforms.

Deathloop will almost certainly be coming to Xbox one year after its launch on PlayStation. Don’t be surprised if the game becomes cross-playable by then. Players shouldn’t have problems hunting one another for long, given how easy it is to play online with other players and the fact that many Colt players will likely turn off online matchmaking by default.

Is Deathloop a cross-play player?
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