Insider: 'GTA 6’ Will Reintroduce Two Fan-Favourite Characters

Insider: ‘GTA 6’ Will Reintroduce Two Fan-Favourite Characters

Insider: ‘GTA 6’ Will Reintroduce Two Fan-Favourite Characters

A Grand Theft Auto leaker has claimed that Grand Theft Auto VI will bring back some familiar faces from GTA III and GTA VI.

The Grand Theft Auto series is known for referencing past games by bringing back/hinting at certain characters. However, protagonists such as CJ, Tommy Vercetti, and Trevor Philips are more likely to remain absent. A new report claims that GTA VI, which is currently in development, will bring back Niki Bellic (GTA IV) and Michael De Santa (GTA V).

Have a look below at all we know about GTAVI.

Redditor “GTA_VI_Leak”, who teased Dr. Dre’s involvement with GTA Online before its unveiling, claims that Niko Bellic will be playing a part in GTA VI. It remains to be determined how significant this role will be, but I would guess it won’t exceed an extended cameo.

“Niko Bellic wasn’t caught for his crimes.” “The stories of ‘The Serb” are still being told in Liberty City, there are many news articles about him, and even a nostalgic documentary about his life,” the leaker wrote in a recent.

They said: “The actions by GTAIV cause huge power shifts within the criminal underworld, and the weakening almost all factions over the course of this game paves way for the Von Crastrenburg family to grow so rapidly.”

The leaker continued to say that they have heard from Ned Luke, Michael’s actor, that he is working again with Rockstar Games. It is widely believed that this is for a new GTA Online expansion, similar to that which saw Franklin return. However, our leaky friend says there’s more. We know that Michael is a major movie producer and could be filming a movie in Vice City, where GTAVI is rumored. It would be a great side mission and make us all nostalgic about GTA VI.

All of this should be taken with a grain of salt, at least for now. GTA_VI_Leak’s post contains a lot of claims about GTAVI‘s gameplay and setting. We have found that the more detailed and extensive these “leaks”, the less likely they to be true.

Insider: ‘GTA 6’ Will Reintroduce Two Fan-Favourite Characters
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