Hyperglide IOS Latest Version Free Download
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Hyperglide IOS Latest Version Free Download

Hyperglide IOS Latest Version Free Download

Overview Hyperglide:

Hyperglide allows you to experience thrilling wingsuit action across beautiful worlds. You’ll be presented with new levels every time you play Hyperglide. Fly close to a wall to collect gems, or fly through birds flocks and waterfalls to collect points. You can also try to find all five artefacts scattered throughout the level to earn points. This will increase your trick-combo score, and you might even get a place on the global leaderboards. The closer you get to a wall, the better.

The more points you earn, the better. However, risky flying can be rewarded, but it is not mandatory. After all, it is important to avoid crashes. Hyperglide can be controlled by a keyboard, mouse or controller. It is very simple to use and will take only a few attempts to master the controls. Hyperglide was my refuge during a stressful week. I am so grateful. It feels more to me than that.

This game is my favourite chill game. I’ve spent over 40 hours playing the beta. This game offers a unique zen experience. The controls are easy to use, and there are many leaderboard categories for those who are more competitive. It’s a lot like a roguelite, where you explore each procedurally generated level and plan your strategy for a big scoring run Hyperglide is fun.

It is very similar to Superflight, Volo Airsport and has prettier visuals and a better soundtrack than Airsport. This is a zen-rogue-like game that allows you to take your character through procedurally generated worlds to earn points and climb your way up the leaderboards. This game is very affordable, and I expect to see improvements over time.

Hyperglide Download Free:

  1. Collect points
  2. Beautiful action
  3. New levels


Hyperglide IOS Latest Version Free Download



Hyperglide IOS Latest Version Free Download
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