Hurtworld Full Version Mobile Game
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Hurtworld Full Version Mobile Game

Hurtworld Full Version Mobile Game


Hurtworld 2021 Overview:

You are stocked in the middle of a desert. There’s no way back to your home country. To survive, you must work hard to earn a living.

Hurtworld is the first place to look for food. Hunting is one way to gather food. You can also pick the fruits that are grown in particular areas. Hunting requires a hunting tool, such as weapons. Modern weapons, such as guns, won’t be readily available initially. This means that you will have to create your weapon. A spear is one of the most affordable hunting tools in this game. To create an item such as this, you only need to find wood.

Weapons like shotguns can be purchased at the store with enough hunting points. Other problems, such as bad weather, can also affect your character. It would be best to have a shelter to keep you safe at night. A car is also available to move faster in different environments. The cars are expensive. Players can purchase vehicles that they have made a lot of money in the past levels. These players can buy cars if they have earned a lot of money in the previous classes.

Hurtworld has a very complex crafting system that will amaze you. The system contains thousands of items. These items can be gathered by you or bought with money. You can mix and match the items to make new items.

Features of Hurtworld

  • You can play as a brave, fearless man who is determined to survive in the dangerous world.
  • You can make a living by gathering food in many ways, such as hunting.
  • You can collect or combine thousands of items in your crafting system.
  • To travel faster, limited cars can be bought.


Hurtworld Full Version Mobile Game




Hurtworld Full Version Mobile Game
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