Hunted's Latest Legend Gives You the Ad-Vantage

Hunted’s Latest Legend Gives You the Ad-Vantage

Hunted’s Latest Legend Gives You the Ad-Vantage

It’s fast approaching Apex Legends season 14, so it’s time for us to take a closer glance at the most recent additions to the legend roster. Each season has seen a significant change in the Apex roster, with each new Legend allowing for new tactics on the battlefield. Season 14 will be no different. Vantage, the youngest and newest member of the Apex Games makes her mark.

Xiomara Contreras, 18 (aka Vantage), had a difficult start in life. She learned everything the hard way. Xenia, her mother, was wrongfully convicted and gave birth to Vantage alone on Pagos, an icy planet. Vantage was gifted with a sniper rifle from a young age, and this led to her being dubbed the Sniper Savant. This will likely help Vantage as she enters the Apex Games. Vantage is not alone, however. Echo, a small and adorable Bat companion, will give you and your team the edge in battle.

Echo was found by Vantage in the G.D.S. ruins. Vantage found Echo in the ruins of the G.D.S. and they have been together ever since. Echo is the Apex Games’ first companion and I think it will be a huge hit with players due to its cuteness. Echo is a vital part of Vantage’s capabilities, despite its cuteness.

Vantage’s passive ability Spotter’s Lens, which allows her to pull information from afar about enemy squads, is first. Spotter’s Lens, which is part of Vantage’s passive ability, can pull information such as Legend name and shield rarity. It also allows her to determine team size, range, and team size. Spotter’s Lens allows you to share this information with confidence, before properly dealing with any threat. Spotter’s Lens is also compatible with Apex’s signature ping service. This allows you to effectively ping squadmates key pieces of information without having to say a word.

Echo Relocation is Vantage’s tactical ability. It features Vantage’s fluffy companion Echo, and it’s called Echo Relocation. The echo can be dispatched to key locations during battles to give you an advantage. Next, you can use your modified jetpack to launch yourself towards Echo and claim the top spot.

Sniper’s Mark is Vantage’s final ability. Vantage’s custom-made sniper rifle is used to reveal enemies and do damage with its ammunition. For 10 seconds, successful hits highlight enemies. Additional hits cause more damage. Sounds deadly right? No matter what your playstyle, don’t let Vantage get in the way of Vantage.

Eagle-eyed Vantage is equipped with everything you need to take on the Apex Games head-on. Season 14 will feature updates for Kings Canyon and various game balancing tweaks. S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.

Hunted’s Latest Legend Gives You the Ad-Vantage
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