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How to get the Digital Deluxe and Preorder Rewards in Deathloop

How to get the Digital Deluxe and Preorder Rewards in Deathloop

Finally, the groovy action/adventure game deathloop is out. Arkane Studios are the developers of Deathloop. This game is about trying to kill eight targets in one day. It is not an easy task, as death will return you to the beginning of the day. Deathloop, which takes inspiration from the roguelike genre, is about dying and using the information to improve your performance. Colt will keep all the knowledge you have gained, including visionary locations, special events and codes. You can unlock various useful in-game goodies for those who pre-ordered or bought the Digital Deluxe edition to break this never-ending loop.

How to get the Digital Deluxe Preorder Rewards

To unlock the bounty of rewards, you must complete The Longest Day first. This is Deathloop ‘s prologue. It will explain various mechanics and introduce the world of Deathloop. It can take anywhere from 1-2 hours to complete depending on how much you spend exploring Blackreef’s open areas. The Longest Day mission will teach you how to manipulate the time in Deathloop’s menus and also help you track different objectives.

After the tutorial has finished, you can open Colt’s loadout and press Triangle (PlayStation/Y (Xbox). Now you can equip the Tribunal silenced pistol or Vopat Trencher shotgun. You can also use the Personal Touch and Golden Harvest trinkets. These trinkets are quite powerful, especially Personal Touch if your goal is to stealthily. It can make the difference between escape and be caught by Blackreef’s guards. If you’re having trouble or need a little extra help, I recommend them.

Colt can be changed by moving your cursor across Colt’s jacket. You will modify Colt’s clothes, but this option must be unlocked in the game. However, these outfits do not provide any in-game benefits; they make Colt even more beautiful! You can also add content you have received for Juliana Black to the main menu by selecting “Protect the Loop.” These rewards are not available if you don’t pre-order the game or get the Deluxe Edition.

Arkane Outsiders allows you to earn the Ever After gun and Eternalist Colt skin. Click this link to log in and join now. After you sign in to your account and verify your email address, your items will be added to your game. These items will be available after completing The Longest Day prologue missions.

How to get the Digital Deluxe and Preorder Rewards in Deathloop
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