Update on 'Death Stranding’ Features a Horrifying P.T. Cameo

Update on ‘Death Stranding’ Features a Horrifying P.T. Cameo

Update on ‘Death Stranding’ Features a Horrifying P.T. Cameo

The Death Stranding Director’s Cut was released earlier in the year. It adds a variety of new features to the PlayStation 5 gaming experience. It also sneaked in a nod at , a ill-fated horror from Konami.

Hideo Kojima disagrees with the title “Director’s Cut,”. He would rather use a different phrase for the latest version of the strange walking simulator. It is not what was cut in the game but what was added that was. Delector’s plus? He said that at the time.

Yes. Yes. It’s only $10 to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 if you already have the PlayStation 4 edition. It’s not too expensive to make you tremble again.

Although Death Stranding is primarily about Sam running from one point to the next, completing deliveries for postapocalyptic settlements in America, the hero spends some time in the Private Room. This clip is from Reddit user DoppelTimeRusty. It’s clear that things are getting spooky in his shower.

Sam wakes up and sees a silhouette in his shower. Sam slowly creeps towards the figure if the player decides to investigate. Their head begins to spasm, and their bodies jitter like they’re trying to escape. Silence. The creature then leaps out of the shower, encrusted in jet black oil. He grabs the protagonist by his shoulders and screams in his face.

Sam wakes up. This is real. You have to quit eating cheese before you go to bed. Fans believe that this ghost is from P.T. and has at last caught up to Norman Reedus.

This is not the only strange event added to Delector’s PLUS. Another scene shows the door to the private room opening unexpectedly. Strange sounds, such as whale songs, are heard. He approaches the entranceway and sees a crab upside-down. A sea creature then grabs him. Kojima, make another horror movie. We know what you’re thinking.

Update on ‘Death Stranding’ Features a Horrifying P.T. Cameo
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