"Hogwarts Legacy" Rating Hints at a Darker Game Than We Expected

“Hogwarts Legacy” Rating Hints at a Darker Game Than We Expected

“Hogwarts Legacy” Rating Hints at a Darker Game Than We Expected

The Hogwarts Heritage rating suggests that the long-awaited Harry Potter RPG might be darker than we expected.

Hogwarts Heritage was first announced. It looked like an open-world RPG, which would allow players to fulfill their dream of attending Hogwarts. The trailers and gameplay details that followed have shown that the adventure has mature undertones.

Hogwarts Heritage will allow players to embrace their darker side and use some of the more sinister spells from Harry Potter. This was confirmed earlier this year. Although it is unlikely that you will be the ability to walk down school corridors and ping off unforgivable curses in the faces of first-year students, spells that can kill people suggest bad things are happening.

As was pointed out recently on the Hogwarts legacysubreddit (http://www.hogwartslegacysubreddit), the official website of the game currently has a provisional PEGI16 rating. This could change between now and release but I must admit that PEGI 16 is not what I expected for a Harry Potter video game.

According to PEGI’s website, the 16 ratings are applied when violence or sexual activity is depicted on a stage that would be expected in reality. Bad language can be used in games that have a PEGI 16 rating. However, it is possible to use tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs.

This does not mean Hogwarts Legacywill to be full of drugs or sex. However, it is interesting to see the section on violence.

It’s worth noting that most PEGI 16 games don’t have shocking content. Marvel’s Avengers and Marvel’s Spider-Man earned 16 ratings for violent depiction. Neither could be described as visceral nor gory.

I would advise concerned parents to wait and see what Hogwarts Heritage has in store for them when it launches in December.

“Hogwarts Legacy” Rating Hints at a Darker Game Than We Expected
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