Hitman 3: Going Postal Challenge Guide

Hitman 3: Going Postal Challenge Guide


Hitman 3: Going Postal Challenge Guide

There are many challenges for gamers to find from the underground ICA center in Hitman 3’s Chongqing assignment. Even though nearly all the challenges include different assassination approaches on Imogen Royce, Hitman 3’s”Going Postal” challenge has Agent 47 providing a package to a miserable office employee.

From The train station beginning place, players need to make their way throughout the walkway and move up the massive staircase before attaining a courtyard with a Chinese restaurant to the rightside. Follow the path to this restaurant’s right before reaching a balcony in which a chef could be overheard, unable to recall a door.

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Carefully vault Over the rail, and as soon as it’s clear to do so, proceed into the code terminal about the transport container. To unlock the entry to the lab, input the code 0118.

Because this place includes many enemies, so it’s suggested that players create a manual save before proceeding. Once inside, follow the stairs to the left and instantly hack the very first visible window.

When the window is not any Longer translucent, twist around, and hack on the TV mounted on the wall to make a diversion. With the diversion set, proceed in the door marked”Server Space A-01.”

From within the Server space, open the port to acquire access to the adjoining office. After climbing through the port, players will observe the compulsory bundle on a chair through the window to the rightside.


The chef, Currently exploring the TV diversion, hack on the window and immediately grab the bundle before returning to the workplace. Once in the office, carefully proceed past the 3 security guards before going to the first room on the left side.

Indoors, players can find an A grade 1 dongle based on a plate to the right. After picking up the product, go down the hallway and then proceed straight. Gently stop the surveillance camera on the left side of this hall, and enter the space marked”meeting area.”

Together with the grade 1 Dongle from the player’s stock, hack on the door and immediately catch the grade two dongle found on the desk behind the security guard. Instantly return to the previous hallway and then enter the doorway underneath the earlier mentioned security camera.

On the stairs, take a right, and immediately go into the workplace at the bottom of the staircase. Indoors, Hitman 3 gamers will come across an office employee named Xiao Ming, whose bundle they have in their possession.

Either throw the bundle In Xiao Ming or subdue him using the bundle armed to Finish the”Going Postal” challenge. Together with the battle unlocked, Gamers will be given 1000xp upon removing Royce and Hush.

Hitman 3: Going Postal Challenge Guide
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