Here's what's in Disney's new $5,000 cruise ship drink
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Here’s what’s in Disney’s new $5,000 cruise ship drink

Here’s what’s in Disney’s new $5,000 cruise ship drink

Hypothetical scenario: You go to a bar and order a drink. Although you didn’t look at the menu, you know that your choice of beverage will be similar to the average price. I would expect to pay between $4 and $8 (or PS3-PS7). Anything beyond that, and you’d be starting to get a little worried.

What would you do in this hypothetical situation? Would you look the bartender dead in the eyes and ask for $5000 (PS4000)? It was either a joke or I would slap them in the face. This hypothetical scenario is either fortunately or unfortunately possible on Disney’s Disney Wish cruise ship with one drink – the Kaiburr crystal. It is so expensive that it can break the bank.

The drink in question is not your typical Dark and Stormy. As GameSpot reported, Chris E. Haynor, the entertainment editor onboard the ship has a Hyperspace Lounge. There, he was reportedly told by staff that the drink wasn’t real.

Haynor did some more research and discovered that the ingredients were: Camus Cognac; Grand Marnier Quintessence; Yuu and Kumquat Juice, Taylor’s Fladgate Kingsman edition Very Old Tawny port and Pappy Van Winkle 23-year reserve.

After doing some research, I found that all the ingredients were eye-wateringly costly. Each bottle can cost thousands of dollars. The Kaiburr Crystal appears to be served in the strange little carry-case that The Client uses in The Mandalorian.

There you go. You can have as much as you want if you have $5000. Do us all a favour and describe the taste in great detail. This is a drink that most people will never have the chance to try in their lifetime. I am off to buy a few bottles of white lightning. I might mix it with lemonade to get the edge off. If anyone is interested, 50p each

Here’s what’s in Disney’s new $5,000 cruise ship drink
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