Guide to Pokemon UNITE's New Items

Guide to Pokemon UNITE’s New Items

Guide to Pokemon UNITE’s New Items

Some items will now be available for Pokemon UNITE in its version 1.2 (or Season 2) refurb, thanks to the Pokemon UNITE update on iOS and Android. As mentioned above, Pokemon can get stat boosts from held items with active and passive effects. Each item can be upgraded with Item Enhancers in Pokemon UNITE. The name should be enough to describe what the item does. (Boosts the effectiveness and level of an item)

You should not confuse held items with Battle Items. Battle Items can be used multiple time to activate time-sensitive effects. Let’s look at the new Pokemon UNITE items:

Razor claw grants a Pokemon an increase in attack stats of up to 15 and a 2.1% critical hit rate. This item increases the chance of damage by increasing a Pokemon’s attack stat. This item is a great addition for any Pokemon with a high attack stat.

Weakness Policy Poke UNITE

Weakness Policy increases the HP of a Pokemon by 210 and also increases its attack by 15. However, it is only available when they are receiving damage. This item is great for any type of tank Pokemon that can take damage. However, the attack boost lasts only a few seconds.

Choice Specifics Pokemon UNITE

Choice Specs can increase a Pokemon’s special attack damage up to 40 times, which is great news for heavy-hitting special attack Pokemon. A set of Choice Specs will reward you with a higher special attack stat.

Each item is worth 1,000 Aeos Coins, or 625 Aeos tickets in the Aeos Emporium. The best part? They’re available now!


Guide to Pokemon UNITE’s New Items
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