GTA Players React Mixedly to GTA 6 Report

GTA Players React Mixedly to GTA 6 Report

GTA Players React Mixedly to GTA 6 Report

You can’t blame GTA enthusiasts if they take some time to digest all the information, including the new GTA update as well as some rumoured details regarding GTA6.

Instead, many took a break from grumbling heists and fought with griefers. They also bought all of the content to voice their opinions on the new information regarding the next entry in the series, which was included in yesterday’s report by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier.

Rockstars seem to be very interested in GTA 6’s departures from the norm.

Fans React To Report About Long-Awaited Game

Users generally responded positively to the idea that at least one of the game’s multiple protagonists was female on . Rockstar has never done a great job writing women characters in their games. However, Red Dead 2 was a major step up for them writing-wise.

User The Albatross provided a thorough analysis of all Rockstar’s protagonists. She suggested that Red Dead Redemption 2’s Sadie Adler could make a great character for this new protagonist. “She begins as vulnerable and at danger and, through the story/actions of the game, becomes the ultimate (bottom kicker).

The setting is one aspect of the report that received more cyclical responses. Miami seems to have served as a starting point for future updates. Oni-link observed: “It’s good if crunch is less of an issue but it also sounds as though the game might not be fully completed at launch. Going full-service doesn’t seem to reduce crunch anywhere else in the industry so far as I know.”

This area also proved controversial on Reddit, as a thread concerning the news in the subreddit r/GamingLeaksAndRumours saw user DeadlyDY muse reading the promised updates to the map and missions: “Yikes. We hope it will have a great single-player story. I hope they don’t focus on the storyline and incorporate GTA online elements into their main game.

GTA Players React Mixedly to GTA 6 Report
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