‘GTA Online’ Player Ambushes Enemy By Pretending To Be AFK

'GTA Online' Player Ambushes Enemy By Pretending To Be AFK

‘GTA Online’ Player Ambushes Enemy By Pretending To Be AFK

Sometimes, the most brilliant ideas are also the dumbest. Mad Max: Fury Road’s Mad Max: Running Away from Your Captor, to turning around and driving straight at them, might not be a good idea. But it’s the last thing anyone would expect, and it turns out to actually be quite smart. The Grand Theft Auto V game has a similar effect: standing still to make someone believe you aren’t about to kill them.

ScreenRant spotted a Reddit clip where one GTA V player spotted a griever and decided to play it cool. Sometimes, players will kill people if they aren’t around. In this instance, however, the tables quickly changed.

Rastafire5 from the GTA Online subreddit shared a clip showing how they stopped outside a house to change their equipment before someone slowed in front of them and jumped out. Instead of showing them, they are still playing, the OP waits and sees if the new player has a gun. Surprisingly, they do.

The player quickly turns with lightning-fast reflexes and shoots them dead before it’s too late. The clip is well-received by other Reddit users as the comments have been very positive. While some have done this before, others just want to see the clip.

Baggss01 said, “You forgot his car was blown up.” Otherwise, nice! F1shB0wl816 said: “It’s always fun to play possum for the moment when someone comes up on you.” A light chuckle can quickly turn into a “wtf!” Yes, it’s possible to imagine the same thing – someone with nothing else to do getting their way and becoming annoyed. They won’t do that again.

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