GTA Fan: “Useless” Elements in Criminal Enterprises Update

The mixed reactions to the GTA 6 report have shown that GTA 6 players are not easy to please.

Perhaps it is not surprising that those who have spent hundreds of hours grinding Cayo Peruico heist to generate enough funds to purchase half the cars at Los Santos are held to high standards.

However, some of GTA Online’s most elite took to Reddit to discuss the update’s features.

Yes, cars are excellent, but why can’t I do this?

This thread in the GTA Online subreddit started with a post by LordSundeIII. He asked: “What’s the stupidest thing about this update?”

Raymundo was the top user to answer this question. He pulled up in a long car and said: “The ability request a limousine from Tony. It is not even equipped with working headlights, and you have to drive it. I already have a Patriot Stretch. It’s useless”, Non-Vanilla_Zilla responded: “You have the right to drive it yourself.” One could be obtained from SecuroServ.

Some players suggested that they might not be able to afford a chauffeur because of the low monetary rewards from the update’s missions. Lucyintheye joked, “Thanks, ULP! Now I can buy three new shirts or pay a few days (hours!) of property fees.”

One of the new tools you can use to fire your way through these missions was also under fire. Neutronium57 said of the precision rifle, “It’s no heavy sniper with no scope because it does less damage. Because it is not semi-auto, it is not a marksman rifle that does more damage. Because it cannot equip a silencer, it is not a stealth sniper at close ranges. It can’t even equip a silencer, so what is it good at?

GTA Fan: “Useless” Elements in Criminal Enterprises Update
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