‘GTA 6’ Twitter Account Reacts to Awful Gamer Comments

‘GTA 6’ Twitter Account Reacts to Awful Gamer Comments

It had been dead for some time, and that is a shame. You will find funny comments on the topic of video games from people all over the Internet. One user posted a comment on social media claiming speedrunning was due to the radical left’s lackluster work ethic (doing it fast than doing it right). It’s pretty hilarious.

Sometimes, however, things can take a darker (but predictable) turn when women are involved. Comments on the Internet were so outraged by the rumors that Grand Theft Auto 6 would feature a female protagonist that Shitty Gaming Takes was revived.

First, let’s say that this series doesn’t have a female protagonist. The Grand Theft Auto had playable characters: Katie, Mikki, and Divine. The first three were women of color. This was 1997.

A few social media users seem to have overlooked this piece of history. They believe that the inclusion of women into the series is a betrayal of the older players and pandering to a new “more ok” audience. Shitty Gaming Takes shared a comment with the identity covered in a clown image. It suggested that vehicles aaren’tprivately owned, so technically you ddon’tcommit GTA.”We are not sure how they managed to leap a female protagonist to a communist society. We will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it was a joke about this anti-woke keyboard warrior. We aaren’toptimistic, however, given the amount of discussion about this topic on message boards. However, we’re happy that Shitty Gaming Memes continue to ridicule things like this.

‘GTA 6’ Twitter Account Reacts to Awful Gamer Comments
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