“GTA 5” Has A Special Map With Hidden Locations That Lead To Special Gear

"GTA 5" Has A Special Map With Hidden Locations That Lead To Special Gear

“GTA 5” Has A Special Map With Hidden Locations That Lead To Special Gear

Grand Theft Auto V was enough to make you think you’re done with being amazed, you might be wrong. It turned out that Rockstar Games’s actually created a special map that contains hidden locations that can only been uncovered by shining a UV lamp on its surface.

This is not new information, and I don’t want you to think that I’m trying to make it seem so. Many GTA5 fans who are dedicated fans have known about this map since it was launched in 2013. They have spent eight years slowly discovering its secrets. There will be others who didn’t know such a treasure existed.

I’m also one of those newcomers who are shocked and intrigued by the church of secret maps. I hope this article helps at least some of you to learn something today. Are you still not sure? If not, let me know and I’ll close this article with a random fact on blimps to make sure you don’t waste your time.

YouTube has multiple videos and Reddit is filled with Easter egg hunters. The physical blueprint map included with the console version shows all sorts of secrets when it is exposed to UV light. While most of these secrets have been solved, it is still fascinating to see the amount of work Rockstar put into making them feel legitimately secure.

Many of the points hidden on the map led to safe houses or ways to make quick cash. However, it was also a valuable tool for players who wanted to solve the Mt Chiliad mystery or find spaceship parts. The blueprint map, when used with a UV lamp, looks great and would have been a blessing to players back then. Thankfully, all its secrets are now available online. This is slightly less thrilling than trying to find the secrets myself, however, I must admit.

Oh, and we’ve promised: There are only 25 fully functional blimps left in existence as of 2021. Wild, huh?

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