“GTA 5” Has A Special Map With Hidden Locations That Lead To Special Gear

"GTA 5" Has A Special Map With Hidden Locations That Lead To Special Gear

“GTA 5” Has A Special Map With Hidden Locations That Lead To Special Gear

Grand Theft Auto V was enough to make you think you’re done with being amazed. You might be wrong. It turned out that Rockstar Games’s actually created a special map that contains hidden locations that can only be uncovered by shining a UV lamp on its surface.

This is not new information, and I don’t want you to think that I’m trying to make it seem so. Many GTA5 fans who are dedicated have known about this map since it was launched in 2013. They have spent eight years slowly discovering its secrets. There will be others who didn’t know such a treasure existed.

I’m also one of those newcomers who are shocked and intrigued by the church of secret maps. I hope this article helps at least some of you to learn something today. Are you still not sure? If not, let me know, and I’ll close this article with a random fact on blimps to make sure you don’t waste your time.

YouTube has multiple videos, and Reddit is filled with Easter egg hunters. The physical blueprint map with the console version shows all sorts of secrets when exposed to UV light. While most of these secrets have been solved, it is still fascinating to see the amount of work Rockstar put into making them feel legitimately secure.

Many of the points hidden on the map led to safe houses or ways to make quick cash. However, it was also a valuable tool for players who wanted to solve the Mt Chiliad mystery or find spaceship parts. When used with a UV lamp, the blueprint map looks great and would have been a blessing to players back then. Thankfully, all its secrets are now available online. This is slightly less thrilling than trying to find my secrets; however, I must admit.

“GTA 5” PlayStation 5 Trailer Has Overwhelmingly Negative Feedback

We got our first glimpse at the “expanded Grand Theft Auto V running in PlayStation 5 last night. The fans aren’t impressed.

Rockstar Games announced the new-gen version of its 2013 game at the first PlayStation 5 showcase. It remains to be determined what exactly makes the GTA 5expanded, enhanced version. Rockstar teased that there were “a variety of technical improvements and visual upgrades to the console’s new hardware,” which would make the game more beautiful, responsive, and enjoyable.

This new version has been available for over a year, but fans have been waiting more than a year. It is worth checking out the changes Rockstar made to make it possible for a game that was eight years old to be released for the third time. The wait was finally over at last night’s PlayStation 5 2020 showcase. But, the fan feedback hasn’t been very positive.

The official PlayStation upload of this trailer received 19k downvotes and 13k upvotes at the time of writing. While the Rockstar Games upload received 20k downvotes and a slightly positive 21k upvotes at the time of writing, Whatever way you slice it, though, the message is clear: fans aren’t happy.

Many commenters argue that the upgraded version is the same on Xbox One and PS4. Even if the differences are noticeable, they are not that significant. It is worth noting that GTA V has always been a beautiful game. Any tweaks or improvements to the graphics may be minimal… but that doesn’t help the fans mad that the game will be re-released again.

The trailer confirms faster switching between characters and more polished visuals, which brings the game closer to the PC version. It’s great but not enough to warrant a rerelease.

One user wrote, “I believe that Rockstar people are truly f*king for us.” “Like seriously? There is no way they could have sat down and decided that this garbage was what the community wants.”

GTA 5 will launch on PlayStation 5 (X/S) in March 2022. This is after it was delayed from its November 2021 release. Rockstar will hopefully shed some light on the changes that are coming to the game during this time.

Rockstar’s Most-Disliked YouTube Uploads Are ‘GTA 5’ PlayStation 5 Trailers

There was much to look forward to if you missed the PlayStation Display case. We got our first look at God of War Ragnarok. Also, we saw Marvel’s Wolverine and Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3 . This will see Peter and Miles fighting Venom. We also saw another trailer of Deathloop (our review can be found here), the official Star War: Knights of the Old Republic remake, and the reveal of em>Marvel’s Wolverine/em>. Finally, there was a trailer of Grand Theft Auto V for the PlayStation 5. It was, however, a bit disappointing.

It’s hard to believe that Grand Theft Auto V would look identical to Grand Theft Auto V on old consoles. It seems that we all thought so. People are growing tired of the GTA game, which is still one of the most popular titles ever and continues to be on the list of best-selling games eight years later. It shows in the number of people who don’t like the trailer.

Reported earlier that viewers disliked the trailer of the new-gen GTA IV upgrade. However, it is now officially one of the most disliked videos from the Rockstar Games YouTube channel. It has 90 thousand downvotes and 30 thousand upvotes. The original teaser trailer for the new-gen upgrade, which has 190k dislikes, seems to be the only one it can beat. Even people who love the game are growing increasingly hostile to the idea that the game will be rereleased. They want something new from developers as soon as they can.

This raises an interesting question. We joke about two games being rereleased frequently. The first is Grand Theft Auto V, but the second one is Skyrim. Both games have a history of being extremely successful, and Skyrim actually has two years more experience than GTA V, but the new-gen upgrade has not been as well received. The new fishing mechanic may be doing the heavy lifting, but comparing the two is still interesting.

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