"GTA 5" Easter Egg Could Have Teasing "GTA 6" For the Last Ten Years
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“GTA 5” Easter Egg Could Have Teasing “GTA 6” For the Last Ten Years

“GTA 5” Easter Egg Could Have Teasing “GTA 6” For the Last Ten Years

The hype train is moving forward after last week’s Grand Theft Auto VI news drops. Although it was a news drop, GTA supporters welcomed it. It was reported that GTA VII would have a female protagonist, which would be set in Vice City.

Also, GTA VI was said to be released between April 2023 & March 2024. It would feature a “cleaned-up” tone that reflects Rockstar Games’ internal culture overhaul. What would you think if I told you this information was available for nine years?

Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013, and many fans believe the game may have been hiding a GTAVI Easter egg all along. Let’s go back a moment. I mentioned the possibility of a female protagonist. Rumors suggest this character could be part of a Bonnie-and-Clyde duo. This leads us to the easter egg.

GTA’s location, Los Santos, is full of billboards. Reddit user 32ozicedcoffeewcream noticed a new one since the GTA VII leaks. The poster advertises “Vice The Musical” and shows a silhouetted couple performing a Dirty Dancing style lift. Are you still confused? Bonnie and Clyde, a Bonnie-and-Clyde-esque duo Tick. Tick. Tick. This billboard is a great easter egg for GTAVI.

The billboard also shows the dates 14 August-20 October, but these dates aren’t significant. The poster can be found at the Weazel Dorset Theatre on Dorset Drive in Rockford Hills. I wonder what secrets Rockstar may be hiding from the public?

“GTA 5” Easter Egg Could Have Teasing “GTA 6” For the Last Ten Years
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