Get Starship Troopers for Free next week

Get Starship Troopers for Free next week

Get Starship Troopers for Free next week

Starship Troopers-Terran Command was announced two years ago and is now available for demo in the upcoming Next festival. It’s also free!

Casper Van Dien played Johnny Rico in the 1997 original movie and is interested in a revival. “It would be nice to see Old Man Rico back,” the actor said in an interview with inverse. He described a structure similar to The Mandalorian in which different directors offer their take on the sci-fi setting. “It would be great to have young blood, but still have an old crotchety man like me.”

The movie was only available to me about a month ago. I didn’t understand why people thought it was satirical. The uniforms worn by the “goodies” are actually inspired by Nazi soldiers. If you’re looking to jump into the Starship Troopers world and defeat those Bugs back where they came from, I have the game for your.

Given the movie’s messages, it is a bit strange that we are back in the Mobile Infantry’s boots, but it is a good thing. The demo is a survival strategy game that offers two missions. One of them will take you through the mechanics to protect a central outpost and reactivate mines. The other will have you exterminating Bug nests.

Steam Next will be held on October 1st at 5.00 GMT, and then ends on October 7th again at 5.00 GMT. That’s quite a time commitment to get involved with Starship Troopers – Terran Command. Developer Slitherine can’t give any details on a launch date. However, the feedback of players during Steam Next could help the team.

Executive producer David Sharrock stated that “we really want the game to deliver on its promise of a true Starship Troopers experience.”

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