Genshin Impact Pufferfish Location

Genshin Impact Pufferfish Location

Genshin Impact Pufferfish Location

Genshin Impact offers many ways for players to interact with the environment, other than story missions. One of these activities, fishing Genshin Impact, is how gamers can gather crafting materials and pass the time.

Although pufferfish is one of the most common fish species, it’s also the least interesting. However, they can be difficult to catch. These large fish come in either a green or brown color and are easy to miss. Five different spawning spots for pufferfish can be found around the Tevat map and all over the game. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a pufferfish will spawn at any of these locations.

It isn’t enjoyable, but there is a way around it. One of the most powerful polearms is The Catch in Genshin Impair. Here are the spawn points for this powerful weapon.

The first spawn point in Genshin Impactgamers is located at Ritou, within the Narukami Island section of the map. It will be found in the eastern portion of the map, along with the docs.

Liyue Harbor

You can find the second pufferfish breeding point at Liyue Harbor in the Sea of Clouds section of the map. It is located east of a ship and the Docs on a small beach embankment.

Genshin Impact Pufferfish Location
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