Genshin Impact Day 2 Spectral Secrets Investigation

Genshin Impact Day 2 Spectral Secrets Investigation

Genshin Impact Day 2 Spectral Secrets Investigation

Genshin Impact’slatest events highlight Inazuma’s most terrifying new foe: the Specters. “Spectral Secrets” is a special expedition that offers Genshin fans a chance to get Primogems, which are the most desired currency in the wildly popular gacha. This event will be available only until September 26th. Don’t waste your time trying to defeat Specters by choosing the wrong team. This guide will show you how to complete Day 2, Wafting From Afar, and give you the best tips for dealing with Specters throughout.

Spectral Secrets: How to Get Started

Select the “Events Overview” icon to start the quest. Talk to Katheryne, everyone’s favorite android disguised, to teleport you to Inazuma. Select “Dispatch Character on Expedition” in the character dialogue to launch the standard expedition map with a new tab. Seven expeditions can be completed, each with different letter ranks and rewarding rewards. The four expeditions that players can choose from are available to them.

In addition to the Primogems coveted, successful dispatches also earn secondary rewards like Mora and Experience books, Enhancement Ores, Sanctifying Essence, Sanctifying Essence, and other domain exclusives. Your characters’ Element level and secondary rewards will affect the number of secondary rewards that are returned. Characters who are on Spectral Secrets expeditions will not be able to participate in daily explorations. It is recommended that you place high-level characters on your Spectral Secrets team before sending low-level stragglers to their usual cross-country journey for fowl.

Spectral Secrets offers Genshin Impact rewards to players who have a friends list. Those who fail to meet the level requirements for their characters may “borrow” their friends’ showcases. To see which players have borrowed from their showcase, players can look at the “Support Record,” located on the event page screen. Friends can still use the characters from an individual’s showcase that are currently participating in their expeditions and vice versa.

Frank expeditions are the easiest to attain but offer the highest number of Primogems. After selecting the daily allotted S Rank, the map will show where to carry out a preliminary investigation to unlock the expedition. This will require some adventuring and combat with Inazuma’s most notorious wildlife. Read on to learn how to navigate this terrifying encounter.





Genshin Impact Day 2 Spectral Secrets Investigation
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