If a Spacesuit is a Ghost that doesn't breathe, why does Gengar need one?

If a Spacesuit is a Ghost that doesn’t breathe, why does Gengar need one?

If a Spacesuit is a Ghost that doesn’t breathe, why does Gengar need one?

Pokemon Unifiedis launching a new season. The battle pass is changing, new playable Pokemon are available, and there are a few new costumes that they can use to fight in. This is the Ghost-type Pokemon Generationgar in a spacesuit. It raises many questions about my understanding of what it was.

The Pokémon MOBA will go mobile tomorrow, September 22nd. It will also be available for Switch users. Cross-play will be possible in both versions, so expect a larger pool of players tomorrow. This will help to launch the new season of the game, which is space-themed. The new holloware will be for Lucario, Gengar, and others. This has me wondering if Gengar is a ghost or just a close relative. Gengar’s spacesuit has a helmet that allows him to breathe. If he is a ghost, will he require oxygen? Gengar’s Pokedex entries refer to his trickster nature.

However, not much information is available about whether or not the Pokemon actually dead. Some Ghost-type Pokemon are described as souls of death by their in-universe descriptions, such as Yamask. This leaves Gengar’s true nature open to question. It does however mean Gengar needs oxygen to survive. Gengar is either committing to the spacesuit aesthetic or merely relying on oxygen.

Unite will soon have Sylveon, Mamoswine, and other new playable Pokemon. However, there is no information yet on when. The team is also looking into QOL modifications and modes to help balance the experience. Since the game’s launch in July, each player has three items that have different perks. This has been criticized. Updates will include new spectator modes, limited held items, and Unite Squads. This is basically similar to clans in which you can connect with other players.

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Pokemon Unite was a keystone of the series’ 25th Anniversary. However, The Pokemon Company has some more games in development. Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond are coming to Switch on November 19.

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If a Spacesuit is a Ghost that doesn’t breathe, why does Gengar need one?
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