Gearbox Could Start Making Riskier Games After Embracer Group Merger

Gearbox Could Start Making Riskier Games After Embracer Group Merger

Gearbox Could Start Making Riskier Games After Embracer Group Merger

After yesterday’s news that Borderlands programmer Gearbox Software had Been bought by THQ Nordic and Deep Silver holding firm Embracer Group Studios, many wondered what could be following for the seminal programmer. Gearbox had spent several years on The Borderlands series afterward, with many questioning if the group will proceed to some fourth iteration of this IP or something entirely new.

Even Though It appears that the studio is focused on finishing its work on Borderlands 3 very first, Head of Gearbox Randy Pitchford did have some interesting words about what is next for the programmer, hinting that the staff will not be playing it secure going forward. Discussing with GamesBeat, Pitchford claimed riskier thoughts are a huge portion of the organization’s future strategy, together with the studio intending to test out some revolutionary new IPs which other publishers probably would not have greenlit.

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“We’ve got a lot of new IP Theories which are in our own incubator, who are ready to burst,” that the CEO maintained, teasing that a lot of publishers” can not be comfortable” with all the kinds of games it needs to create next. According to Pitchford, the bargain using Embracer has made it feasible to really go for broke with its own crazier concepts, promising that today it is a part of the business, “we expect to take this threat.” The CEO and the staff obviously have some interesting new ideas outside the Borderlands; area; thus, Emracer’s financial backing will hopefully bring them to life.

Speaking on the Idea of producing a brand new IP, Pitchford elaborated on how working on initial thoughts is a core component of their organization’s DNA, talking about Borderlands and the impact it had on the business. “Ahead of Borderlands, no activity game had RPG mechanics and metagame such as this,” he tells the book, moving on to highlight the studio” love[s] innovating.”

It is Imperative that whatever The team pops up moving to, it will seem to keep on pushing boundaries and searching for new ideas. Seeing as Embracer bought Gearbox for $1.3 billion also, it is clear the team will have the financial backing to focus on something equally as hard as Pitchford hints their speculative thoughts will be.

Outside of Discussing the notion of a new franchise, the meeting covers several Other intriguing facets of the acquisition, for example, the potential To get Embracer possessed studios to operate on Gearbox franchises, Why the group is chosen with this deal over the others it has been provided at the Past, and also the arrangement of the merger. It seems like it Indicates a substantial change for Gearbox moving forward, letting it Work on new concepts with lots of assistance from Embracer and its own subsidiaries.

Gearbox Could Start Making Riskier Games After Embracer Group Merger
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