Gamers share scenes that made them cry, and great, now I'm sad too

Gamers share scenes that made them cry, and great, now I’m sad too

Gamers share scenes that made them cry, and great, now I’m sad too

Games started as tests of skill. You would tap one pixel to move the next one. But today, they can be cinematic and effective interactive experiences. Sometimes, they even make us weep.

For me, the ending of Professor Layton’s life and the Lost Future are vivid memories. Level-5: I was trying to figure out some steampunk London puzzles to find Layton’s evil future.

If you don’t want to fulfill their questlines, developing friendships with BioWare characters is impossible. The most tragic events in games are those that happen without notice. Arthur Morgan seeing the doctor in Saint-Denis. Lee’s ultimatum to Clementine at their end of the journey together. General Shepherd getting on the plane with Ghost and Roach.

Twitter trend (I know, right?) Gamers are sharing the message “I promise that I won’t weep” on Twitter. It’s just one frame from a video game. Then, they share the moment that made their eyes water. It’s Twitter. This is a safe place to share your tears about things that aren’t real. Let’s do it. Let’s get started. Keep your Kleenexes handy.

This one is a great example of getting right to the heart of many Call of Duty players. It is hard to believe that General Shepherd was hailed as a hero for his inhumane actions. THIS GUY. Okay, we’re done with it.

The stories that run through Joel’s and Ellie’s adventures across The Last Of Us are packed with punch. It’s the little moments that have the most weight in this long-running saga.

Ethan Winters. Ethan Winters is the most muddle-headed protagonist ever to grace Resident Evil. He was actually kind of amazing at the end. He was fighting the minions of a disturbing religious cult to save his daughter. I will admit that I am sad not to hear more of his jokes and underreactions to mutated beasts.

Although we were all devastated by the death of Lee Everett in The Walking Dead, this decision pushed our hearts into a blender, and the settings were set to “max.” This ending is as devastating today as it was eighteen years ago, regardless of whether you asked Clementine or Lee to turn.

Were there any traumatizing moments? There are many more… Share with us your moments when you felt like your heart was broken into tiny pieces because of a videogame!

This Guy Just Created An IRL Aimbot, And He’s Basically Hawkeye Now

Shane Wighton is also the man behind the highly successful engineering channel Suff Made Here. He has created an “aimbot,” which corrects the aim for a compound bow or arrow to hit a moving target every single time. He is basically the Hawkeye version of Marvel’s What If…

Aimbots are a problem for almost all legitimate players of online games such as Warzone and Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, and many others. Cheaters use this software to ensure they hit their opponents instead of enjoying the thrill of taking out an opponent through their own skill. This is simply playing the game as it was intended. The unfairness of Aimbots is felt by legitimate players, whose achievements pale compared to the assisted statistics of the cheaters behind this software. Developers have committed to eliminating this kind of evil from their games.

The news that Wighton created an aimbot for a bow is concerning. However, he won’t be able to use the invention in archery competitions since he has made it public to his three million subscribers. It took him thousands of mistakes and miscalculations to find the perfect auto-aim mechanism. He also had to get in a lot of trouble. This is not something you should attempt at home. Please.

Let’s look at the inner workings of this fascinating creation. It isn’t straightforward on paper because the arrow travels in an angled path through the air. The archer must visualize where the moving target is before the arrow goes off. And, the timing must be precise so that the arrow hits the target.

Wighton then gives control to the robots. The one attached to the bow is strapped to Wighton’s forearm. It will move the bow left, right, up, and down to correct any misalignment on the part of the wielder. Wighton holds the other robot in his other hand and draws the string. He releases the string when the bow aligns with the target. It’s not fair that an IRL aimbot is unfair. It was actually the exact opposite. Scroll down if you have forgotten.

Eight cameras from the workshop then detect where markers (those small grey balls in the video) are located in the space. The cameras are attached to the grip robot and the target Wighton is trying to strike. Through a simple program he wrote, it’s possible to calculate the location of the bow, the distance it is pulled backward, and the position of the target in the room.

The calculations are repeated in seconds with new tracking information as the moving target moves through the air. It’s amazing to see Wighton ignore his target and the robot move in perfect synch. However, it is cheating. It is impossible to tell the true Hawkeye.

This Expert Wants To Make Disabled Gamers Taken Seriously

Spawnpoint will be held online on February 12th and 13. Spawnpoint, which is hosted by the Austrian company Woop, welcomes speakers like SightlessKombat, an accessibility consultant for people without sight. Pascal Dupre is a streamer and podcaster with a genetic skin condition. Morgan Baker is an accessibility expert and deaf player. The event will include musical performances and a feature on Special Effect, a British accessibility charity.

Thomas Geissler (Woop CEO) spoke with me about Spawnpoint’s plans and how the industry is still not delivering truly accessible experiences for all players, despite all of its advancement’s inaccessibility.

He says that major games studios already offer accessibility options, and it’s becoming more common. Sometimes you feel they are only doing it to boost their public profile or to placate critics. Some exceptions are The last of Us Part II, which gamers can play without any sight. However, most studios fail to include accessibility options beyond color and font sizes.

Spawnpoint’s website has a complete schedule for the event. It also contains a shocking statistic: 46% have a physical handicap ( source). Thomas states that the percentage was based on a 2008 survey by Information Solutions Group for PopCap Games. Although it may seem like a lot, I don’t believe that game developer should consider too many options for disabled persons. This is also a matter of money and effort spent on research and development.

Thomas says that even though a large percentage of gamers have some form of disability, developers don’t think about this group as often as they should. He adds that people with disabilities are still considered marginalized groups in certain aspects of society, and therefore, game studios don’t take them seriously enough to be a potential target audience. “They fail to invest enough effort and money in research about real and useful accessibility in games.”

This is not a new concept – in 2017, I spoke to Ian Hamilton, an accessibility consultant, about the steps developers need to take to make their games more accessible. He said that accessibility in games development is an ancient field. It dates back to the early days of the industry. However, he added that progress has been slower than in other industries regarding awareness and implementation.

Thomas’s 2021 message echoes Ian’s 2017 message and shows how slow progress has been. In a world where so many people cannot see their loved ones, it can be essential to escape everyday life for a few hours. Thomas states that “if your house is locked down, you can leave it by playing some games and get lost in the game worlds.” It is unacceptable to be denied that escapism or mental relief from real-world pressure due to disability.

Thomas says that “there are many endeavors that should not be overlooked that go far beyond mapping opportunities and subtitles” in games development right at the moment, but that “this isn’t even close to enough to people with all kinds of disabilities.” Spawnpoint is therefore so important. Spawnpoint is a great event because it can change the perspective of one developer on accessibility features. This person will then share their experience with others. We’ll hopefully see AAA and independent games include features that allow as many people to enjoy them as possible.

Thomas tells me that gaming can help to break down prejudice barriers. He says, “Imagine yourself sitting at a computer or console and playing your favorite games with random people online.” You team up, share your strategies and maybe even win some rounds. You become good friends over time and enjoy playing and talking with them. You ever thought to ask them if they are disabled. It doesn’t really matter, and I don’t believe so.”

However, if disabled gamers are unable to play, this cannot happen. Spawnpoint and other well-known charities such as Special Effect and AbilityGamers are helping to encourage progress and make permanent changes. Thomas adds that there is the Interactive Software Federation of Europe. This is not a charity, but it helps raise awareness and provide statistical data.” It’s up to us all to recognize developers failing gamers and ask them to do more without it being a marketing exercise.

Please view the complete schedule for Spawnpoint at its website. You can also find more information about its speakers, aims, and ambitions regarding disabled gamers.

These scenes from ‘The Last Of Us’ are a perfect example of Pedro Pascal’s role as Joel.

Are you still unsure about Pedro Pascal’s casting in the role of Joel on HBO’s live-action adaptation of The Last Of Us? These fan-made images might help you change your mind.

We know HBO’s The Last Of Us will be an adaptation of the 2013 PlayStation 3 title. Some more imaginative fans have been inserting Joel’s Pascal and Bella Ramsey’s Ellie into memorable moments from the original game. It doesn’t matter if Pascal or Ramsey looks exactly like Joel or Ellie; they are actors. If you really struggle to see Pascal in this role, perhaps this will stop your moaning.

PushSquare noticed that Reddit user Ramykabalan used a face-swapping application to place Pascal’s face on Joels’s in the scene when Joel is driving Ellie from the Firefly base. Although it’s not perfect, it gives an idea of what The Mandalorianactor might appear like as Joel.

These stunning posters by DeCurt1998 and SPDRMNKYXXIII are far more impressive. They reimagine parts of existing The Last Of Us art with Pascal and Ramsey. These posters are amazing, as you can see. Both casting pieces were always my favorite, but this has raised my excitement a bit.

The Last Of Us has yet to be released, but this important casting news suggests that things are moving along. Filming could begin soon, but given the current state of the world, it’s likely that we will have to wait and see. In the meantime, I will look at these photos.

The GAMINGbible’s Game Of The Year for 2020

We are going to reveal GAMINGbible’s top 40 video games for 2020. There will be no spoilers so that we won’t ask. But we wanted to poll you about your favorite games from the past twelve months. You voted in your thousands. We are grateful for your support.

To determine the winner, we used Twitter polls. We started with eight groups of four games and moved eight winners to two semi-final groups of four. Then, we pitched the two winners from those two groups into a head-to-head final—a simple system for simple times. Let’s see how it went.

There were no major surprises in the initial round. The larger the game was, the better it performed, generally speaking. The Spider-Man battle between Miles Morales and Cyberpunk2077 was close for a while before the PlayStation exclusive won. We could only determine which one of these FPS juggernauts you preferred by pitting CoD against CoD (because we couldn’t divide it so they could meet in the final).

Half of it was surprising to see half-life: Alyx perform so well, given that it is a VR title. But perhaps the draw favored it. Persona5 Royal won the first 10/10 award on these pages. Hades also fell in the first round. You won’t be disappointed if you have smaller titles that received a small share of the vote. We will see you again on the GAMINGbible GOTTY list. I also suspect those 10/10s.

Semi two saw Alyx, Valve’s VR creation, fail to withstand the heat of Warzone, the chill of Spider-Man New York, and plummet into fourth place. Resi 3 stumbled around the place like one of its own undead nasties. Call of Duty won the battle against Marvel’s magic adventure.

Semi one was closed with the three games running close to each other and winning by a good margin. Maybe the votes were split by choosing two open-world games of great beauty, which allowed the linear The Last of Us Part II to slip into first place. It could be that it is one of the most-sold games of 2020. Or, you could say both. The final is next…

It is there. Dear readers, the PlayStation 4-exclusive Last of Us Part II is your number one game of 2020. Developers Naughty Dog, congratulations! This accolade will be right there beside all the Game Awards they won last night. This game won seven awards. Does it seem a little excessive? Here’s our 7/10-scored game review from earlier in 2020. Or, you can view our video review below. We’ll keep it interesting as we reveal The Last of Us Part II‘s position on our staff-voted (and much argued over) GOTY lists. Have a great time gaming!

Gamers share scenes that made them cry, and great, now I’m sad too
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