Fortnite Leaks: We have new cosmetic bundles!

Fortnite Leaks: We have new cosmetic bundles!

Fortnite Leaks: We have new cosmetic bundles!

Fortnite Season 8 was colorful and exciting to say the very least. After a nearly ten-season absence, Slipstreams returned to aid players in moving around the maps faster. Epics’ grip on chestspawn rates remains tight, but hundreds of crates were added to compensate. It makes downed UFO zones viable. However, Epics should stop pushing for variety and give players what they want.

Hotfix v18.00 introduced an Armored Wall Trap that boasts a staggering 2,500 HP. This was a refreshing change of pace considering that trap releases had dried up before. A Medkit can be a lifesaver by providing cover from enemy fire while you are using it.

Toona Fish skins are the best. The Battle Pass allows players to unlock Toona Fish color schemes by collecting color bottles within-game. This brings us to the two cosmetic bubbles that were leaked.

Show me the Fortnite Leaks

Kraypex, Fortnite’s infamous leaks/news Twitter account, leaked two new skins bundles just before season 8 ended:

The Toon Legends Bundles, much like the Toona Fish skins put a unique spin to the toon-themed cosmetics that this season is favoring. This might be Epic giving players what their want, I don’t mean to alarm anyone.

A new frozen pack is also coming. It continues the theme that frozen skins can be used as an alternative to current skins. We’ll get different Midas, Crystal and Renegade Raider versions in this pack.

We don’t know when these cosmetic bundles might drop so keep an eye on the item shop to see if there are any updates (hopefully sooner than later).

Fortnite Leaks: We have new cosmetic bundles!
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