FLASHING LIGHTS Full Version Mobile Game
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FLASHING LIGHTS Full Version Mobile Game

FLASHING LIGHTS Full Version Mobile Game


Flashing Lights is a multiplayer and single-player emergency services simulation that focuses on the police, emergency hospital services, and fire department.

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You can join the police, fire department or emergency medical service and be assigned missions specific to that service. You can engage in car chases and treat life-threatening injuries. Every department has its own vehicles, equipment and personnel to assist you while on duty. You can play as a single-player or with your friends online multiplayer to solve incidents in a global community.

The police are often the first to respond to a criminal incident. They have the most modern vehicles and the best equipment. They can do everything from chasing down criminal suspects to issuing parking tickets. They will do all they can to stop criminal activity and to put an end to any ongoing crimes. Your job as an emergency medical specialist is to keep the public safe, treat injuries and diagnose patients, and provide support for those in need. You’ll use lifesaving equipment such as medical kits, stretchers, and ambulances. Demolition Expert the Simulation

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The fire department’s role goes beyond just putting out fires. They also work closely with the medical services in the field. This involves quickly cutting open wrecked cars to allow medical personnel to reach the victim. Although the fire department will not pursue suspects, they can manage the aftermath of an accident, including putting out fires. Heavy-duty gear is required to battle raging fires and rescue trapped citizens. This includes spreaders, a firetruck, a fire extinguisher, and a fire truck. You will be responding to various calls of action based on the area you are in, as well the department that you choose. Flashing Lights is full of pressure. Flashing Lights has a vibrant open-world measuring 3.5KM x 2.5KM that will allow for emergencies to break out in every corner of life.

FLASHING LIGHTS Full Version Mobile Game




FLASHING LIGHTS Full Version Mobile Game
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