FIREWATCH Mobile Game Full Version Download
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FIREWATCH Mobile Game Full Version Download

FIREWATCH Mobile Game Full Version Download

Firewatch Game 2017 Overview

The forest will be a huge jungle with thousands of items. This place is not for the faint of heart.

Firewatch is a first-person, single-player mystery set in Wyoming’s wilderness. 1989 is the year. Henry is a man who has chosen to leave behind his chaotic life and become a fire watcher in Wyoming’s wilderness. It’s your job, perched high on a mountain to search for smoke and protect the wilderness.

Everyone is on edge during a particularly hot and dry summer. You can reach your supervisor Delilah at any time via a handheld radio – your only connection to the world that you have left behind. You’ll face questions and make choices that will either strengthen or break the only relationship you have with the forest. Firewatch includes an amazing wilderness environment that grows as you explore.

Firewatch is about adults having adult conversations about mature things. It might be helpful to inform your younger friend if you are going to play with them.

Firewatch Features:

  • Cissy Jones (The Walking Dead Season 1) and Rich Sommer(Mad Men), bring to life living, breathing characters
  • Sean Vanaman (The Walking Dead: Season 1 Poker Night at the Inventory), and Jake Rodkin (The Walking Dead; Season 1 The Walking Dead: Story and Script) share a thrilling story and script.
  • Patrick Ewing (Twitter), and Nels Anderson, (Mark of the Ninja), did gameplay scripting and design.
  • Programming by Will Armstrong, Ben Burbank (Costume Quest II), Paolo Surricchio (“Deadpool”, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare”)



FIREWATCH Mobile Game Full Version Download
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