FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition Benefits/Rewards

FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition Benefits/Rewards

FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition Benefits/Rewards

Players can receive bonuses regardless of whether they are playing in Ultimate Team or career mode. However, these bonuses are only available to those who preorder FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition. The FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition Benefits and Rewards are undoubtedly the best. You will be giddy with the 4600 FIFA Points.

FIFA points are a great way to save money for better packs, though some players will feel the points burning a hole into their pocketbooks. EA has stopped drip-feeding players bundled points and packs and instead throws a lump sum at them.

Fifa 22 Ultimate Edition Benefits / Rewards

  • Full Access to FIFA 22
  • Four Days Of Early Access
  • Homegrown Talent
  • FUT Ambassador Loan Pick (contract valid to three FUT matches).
  • Kylian Mbappe loan item (contract valid for five FUT matches).
  • One Team Of The week Player (untradeable).
  • Dual Entitlement: Free PlayStation 5 Upgrade
  • Untradeable Player Items from October 1
  • 4600 FIFA points

Your FIFA Points will be loaded today (September 27th), the first day for FIFA 22 early access. This will give you a head start or allow you to see the field before others. Today’s FUT ambassador loan player selection, Kylian Mbappe, one-team player of the week, career mode homegrown talent and Kylian Mbappe loan article will all be available. You can bookmark FIFA 22 to see more FIFA 22 content.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition Benefits/Rewards
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