FFXIV Home World Transfer Should Return "Sometime Next week"

FFXIV Home World Transfer Should Return “Sometime Next week”

FFXIV Home World Transfer Should Return “Sometime Next week.”

The launch of Final Fantasy XIV‘s Travel system was not easy. Temporarily, Patch 6.18 was used to launch the service that allows players to access servers at other data centres. The service was disrupted for 24 hours, causing server instability that led the FFXIV team to suspend it.

After hotfixes and additional maintenance periods after patching, the service was back up. Although players could access other data centres, the team warned that it could take some time due to server stress. During peak hours, jumping between data centres took around 30 minutes.

The Home World Transfer Service had to be temporarily halted before Patch 6.18’s launch. Home World Transfer allows players to permanently move their characters to another home server, while Data Center Travel is only temporary. It costs $18 to transfer from a Congested Server into a Preferred Server. Data Center Travel is somewhat tied to this service as it can impact server populations. The team decided to wait until the newer service became stable. Home World Transfer wasn’t initially stable, so it was delayed.

The FFXIV team explained that they feel good about Data Center Travel and Home World Transfer may be back soon.

“The Home World Transfer Service follows the same structure and procedures as Data Center Travel. We will wait until the weekends to verify that there are no problems before we resume service next week. The team posted a post on The Lodestone. They said they would announce the opening date once it had been determined. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the lengthy wait and ask for your patience.

This is just one part of FFXIV‘s expanding infrastructure. The Oceania data centre was inaugurated earlier this year. Japan has the Meteor data centre, and Europe has four new worlds. North America will receive four new Worlds in August. Four more will follow in the first half of 2023.

FFXIV Home World Transfer Should Return “Sometime Next week”
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